Cut through the elements with one slider.
The Dehaze tool automatically adjusts contrast, saturation and other elements to eliminate haze and reduce flatness.

Apple (HEIC) support

With support for HEIC files (8-bit), you can now edit photos from your Apple devices and more in Capture One.
HEIC Support@2X

Advanced Color Editing tools

Create any look and feel with the Advanced Color Editor, Color Balance Tool and accurate colors
Advanced Color Editing Tools@2X

Customizable Interface

Design your own interface with only the tools you need and create fast and easy workflows
Customizable Interface – 1@2X

Layer Editing

Take full control of your image by selecting specific sections to edit using layers
Layer Editing@2X

Process Recipes

Save your preferred export options as presets and apply them instantly to reduce data entry when exporting
Process Recipes@2X

Powerful tools and features

Organize and locate your files easily and stay on top of your projects
Powerfull Tools And Features@2X

Tethered Capture

Shoot directly from your camera into Capture One for an instant viewing experience
Tethered Capture@2X

Compare the features below. 

Essential image editing features

Organize images with Catalogs

Composition tools

High quality image export

Capture One Styles support

Speed Edit


ProStandard profiles

Supports Apple HEIC files

Advanced color editing tools

Layer editing

Healing and Cloning

Direct-to-computer tethered support

Linear and Radient Gradient Masks

Luminosity masking

Support for plug-ins

Capture One






Capture One