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Mastin Labs Styles for Capture One

Create classic film looks in just a few clicks and keep your work consistent with Styles from Mastin Labs. Plus, edit photos faster thanks to the custom Capture One workspace for Mastin Labs Styles – featuring a Tool Tab created by Kirk Mastin.

Portra Original

Achieve beautiful skin tones and a clean aesthetic with these iconic warm-toned film looks from Mastin Labs. Prized for its deep browns and greens, it’s ideal for photographers who want an organic look – without losing color or full tonal range.

Capture One RAW photo editor mastin labs styles for Capture One after Potra 160 style applied-newborn baby Capture One RAW photo editor mastin labs styles for Capture One before Potra 160 style applied-newborn baby



Portra 160

Portra 160 -​ Subtle and neutral, Portra 160 is a flexible look with medium contrast and low saturation. Ideal for daylight portraits with smooth skin tones and superb color reproduction.

Portra 400

Versatile and faithful, Portra 400 is a warm-toned film with medium contrast and saturation. An extremely flexible look suited to all types of natural light photography.

Portra 800

Balanced and natural, Portra 800 is a medium saturated look with higher contrast suited for natural low light shooting.
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Fujicolor Everyday Original

The Fujicolor Everyday Style pack is​ for styling beautiful everyday moments. From coffee shop hangouts to exploring a city landscape, bring out the beauty of small adventures with subtle tones and bold rich color.

Capture One RAW photo editor mastin labs styles for Capture One before style applied - couple with snowballs Capture One RAW photo editor mastin labs styles for Capture One after style applied - couple with snowballs



Superia 400

Achieve balanced contrast and bring deep red tones to life while keeping shadows cool and neutral. This look is perfect for cozy and intimate environments.

Fujicolor C200

Soft and warm, with muted highlights and shadows. C200 lets you capture genuine moments without images being overly stylized.

Acros 100

A crisp and clean, monochrome preset complemented by full tonal range.
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Fujicolor Original

Create a beautiful film feel with Mastin Labs’ flagship film pack –  the originator of the light and airy look. With clean skin tones, smooth gradients and vivid colors, the Fujicolor Original Styles is packed with inspiring looks coveted by photographers worldwide.

Capture One RAW photo editor mastin labs styles fuji400HN - wedding table before style applied Capture One RAW photo editor mastin labs styles fuji400HN - wedding table after style applied



Pro 400H Neutral

The first light and airy preset, Fuji 400h is the preferred film stock for wedding and family photographers. Get natural skin tones paired with vivid, three-dimensional color.

Pro 400H Blue

An evolution of Fuji 400HN, Fuji 400HB reintroduces blues into the greens to soften the vibrancy of foliage, giving you sage-colored greens.


Neutral and balanced, Fuji 160NS is ideal for portrait photographers thanks to its smooth gradients from highlights to shadows and clean skin across a broad range of tones.

Fujicolor 800Z

Pretty in pink, Fuji 800Z brings magenta to the forefront of the highlights so you can add dreamlike colors to your photography.
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Adventure Everyday Original

Make your everyday photos timeless with Mastin's most popular and versatile film pack ever. The Adventure Everyday Original Styles pack comes packed with the genuine looks of all three seminal film stocks for digital and hybrid photographers.

Mastin Labs Styles for Capture One | Daniele Pierangeli Mastin Labs Styles for Capture One | Daniele Pierangeli



Kodak Gold 200​

With deep golden tones and glowing highlights, Kodak Gold 200 is pure nostalgia. The ideal style for your personal work, mesmerizing portraits and family photos.

Kodak Ektar 100​

Brimming with cool shadows and warm highlights, Ektar100 is made for adventure. This style is Kirk Mastin's favorite for exotic travel photos, lush landscapes and unforgettable weddings.

Kodak Tri-X 400

Prized by photojournalists for its versatility and sophistication, Tri-X 400 is a B&W film that has captured some of the most important moments in history.
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Why Capture One

With endless photo adjustment possibilities, authentic colors, advanced Layers and powerful tools for organizing and exporting, Capture One is everything you need to get the most out of your photo – down to the last pixel.
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Fast performance

Edit large projects quickly with smart organization, real-time slider adjustments and fast importing and exporting. The interface can be fully customized to fit your needs and workflow. Work in Sessions to easily manage each project and keep track of your RAW and exported files.

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Powerful editing tools

Take creative control and perfect your photos with the highest image quality and authentic colors tailored to all major camera brands. With advanced shadow and highlight recovery and powerful color editing tools it has never been easier to achieve the look you want for your photos.

capture one raw photo editor layer detail icon

Work in Layers

Use advanced Layers to apply adjustments to specific areas of your photo.
Split your editing into Layers to maintain the overview of the adjustments applied on the image, remove objects, or dodge and burn without the need of external applications.


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