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A match made in heaven

Create unforgettable wedding photos with Capture One
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Accelerate your wedding photography 

Create the ultimate wedding workspace with Capture One. Edit, sort and export big projects efficiently and perfect the details with powerful editing tools.

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Master the tools

Master the tools

Make instant edits with Styles

Speed up your workflows with Styles – our collection of instant looks. Simply apply a Style to transform your photos with a click or add your own edits on top.

With several Style Packs developed by leading wedding photographers for Capture One, it’s easy to create professional-grade photos.

Legacy Styles by Muse and Mirror

From lush colors to elegant palettes, create memorable photos with 11 Legacy Styles from wedding photography duo Muse and Mirror.

capture-one-raw-photo-editor-museandmirror-styles-lg-01-before-closeupweddingcouple capture-one-raw-photo-editor-museandmirror-styles-lg-01-after-closeupweddingcouple




Summery, warm colors with rich contrasts for strong and atmospheric looks. This Style will have you covered from dawn to dusk. Includes a soft and vibrant alternative.


A slightly subdued palette with soft highlights that works equally well for cooler as for warmer edits with a yellowish cast. It can be used to create a painterly look given the right light.


Cold and muted look that renders skintones very beautifully. Pulling the whitebalance to the right leads to a classic, warmer look that is very versatile for wedding photographs. Equally usable for atmospheric pictures with cool colors as for warm and sunny vibes while maintaining color diversity. A soft alternative is included.


A green/yellow bias with slightly cool highlights that produces a more antique feeling.


This might be a consideration as a general go-to Style. Classic and versatile, with medium contrast and flattering skin rendering. The kind of rendering that brides or clients in general will typically find appealing and which will flawlessly work as a standard Style for your editing.

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Reverie Styles by Lukas Piatek

Unforgettable wedding photos are just a few clicks away with the Reverie Styles Pack from wedding photographer and LOOKSLIKEFILM founder Lukas Piatek. Includes 8 Styles.

Capture One RAW photo editor lookslikefilm Reverie Style before wedding couple at alter Capture One RAW photo editor lookslikefilm Reverie alpha Style after wedding couple at alter



Reverie – Alpha

A go-to Style with warmed-up shadows, clean whites and nice contrasts. Perfect for overcast days with even soft light.

Reverie – Beta

A beautiful style that throws a warm layer of tones over highlights and shadows. Ideal for blue hour photos but versatile enough for all kinds of settings.

Reverie – Gamma

With a yellow-reddish mix of midtones and shadows, this moody Style is perfect for golden hour shots.

Fujicolor 800Z

Pretty in pink, Fuji 800Z brings magenta to the forefront of the highlights so you can add dreamlike colors to your photography.

Reverie – Omega

Give your photos a cinematic feel and finish with these black and white Styles. With clean and strong contrasts to faded highlights and shadows, there’s a Style for every monochrome look.
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