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Capture One full feature list

Capture and Import Capture One Pro
(All Cameras/Sony/Fujifilm)
Capture One Express
Capture Pilot Wirelessly view, zoom and pan images, using mobile devices or a web browser
Import from other applications Import an existing Media Pro, Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture catalog
Importer Import your image or video files and apply multiple styles to the images
Instant Tethered Capture Instantly import and view images as you shoot
Camera Control Capture, focus, adjust values and configure camera from the computer
Integrated Movie Import Import, browse and play video, including HD video, from supported DSLR cameras
Live View Compose shots using video Live View for supported digital backs and DSLRs
Tailor-Made Profiles Tailor-made profiles for each supported camera ensures maximum image quality
Duplicate Checker Check the import source against the Document for already-imported images

Organize and Select Capture One Pro
(All Cameras/Sony/Fujifilm)
Capture One Express
Variants Create virtual copies of your original image to experiment with different settings
Synchronize Folders Ensure that your catalogs are always up-to-date with the files on disk
Smart Previews Leave the RAW files at home: browse and edit (Pro only) using the preview files
Smart Albums Organize images from different folders without moving the actual files
Sessions Store RAW files, settings files, library files and output files as complete projects
Search and Filtering Use the advanced search and filtering options to find your images quickly and easily
Rating and Color Tagging Rate and color tag images to assist your selection and editing process
Metadata Editing Powerful support for metadata to streamline workflow and post-production
Manual Sorting Drag and drop images into just the order you want
Loupe Tool A powerful magnifier that lets you zoom into an image from 25% to 200%
Hierarchical Keywords Hierarchical keywords makes it even easier to find or apply collections of keywords
Focus Tool Get an instant view of image sharpness with the Focus Tool
Focus Mask Use Focus Mask for fast verification of sharpness and focus
Catalogs Organize your images easily; browse and search at unprecedented speed
Advanced File Naming Create your own customized, token-based naming systems

Enhance and Adjust Capture One Pro
(All Cameras/Sony/Fujifilm)
Capture One Express
Annotations Mark up and annotate retouchers notes on images
Auto Adjustments Automatically correct a number of parameters
Batch Apply Adjustments Copy and apply individual image adjustments to a group of images
Black and White Conversion Adjust color channels and create beautiful black and white images
Clarity Improve hazy images and create natural-looking images with clarity
Color Balance Tool Unique color grading tool for easy creative looks
Color Editor Basic Achieve perfect colors through selective color corrections
Color Editor Advanced Advanced "pick to mask" options and refined color selection and correction
Color Editor Skin Tone Fix skin tones with the special uniformity corrections
Composition Tools Control the layout of a photo and crop, rotate or flip an image
Film Grain Add grain to your images to mimic film stock, hide noise or for creative effect
High Dynamic Range Recover shadow or highlight details and perfect your high-contrast captures
Keystone Correction Reduce or eliminate perspective distortion in your captures
Lens Cast Correction Create LCC profiles to correct for color cast and light fall off caused by shift and tilt
Lens Correction Automatically adjust for lens abberations, distortion, purple fringing and light falloff
Layers Edit selective parts of an image for unlimited creative control
Levels and Curves Channels Adjustments can be made to individual color channels and luminance curve
Linear Gradient Mask
Adjust in the size, shape, and symmetry of the masks with simple mouse clicks and key presses.
Luminosity masking
By selecting a range from luminosity (lightness), it's possible to add any adjustment to only that range.
Noise Reduction Remove luminance and color noise from images with easy-to-use sliders
Normalize One click baseline corrections to images
Output Sharpening Set sharpening based on the final output size in the Process Recipe
Overlay Composition assistance for shooting images to match a specific layout
Panel Support Use Tangent hardware controllers for the ultimate adjustment experience
Purple Fringing Suppress purple fringing in your images for better image quality
Radial Gradient Mask
Adjust, rotate and move Radial Masks after creation for extreme control over desired effects.
Repair Layers Control the content of your images and remove unwanted objects or blemishes
Sharpening Use default sharpening settings or make your own sharpening adjustments
Spot Removal Erase unwanted dust, spots and marks with a single click
Styles and Presets Apply pre-designed or customized styles and presets to your images
Vignetting Lighten or darken the edges of an image to achieve creative effects
White Balance Use the auto white balance feature or the white balance picker

Export and Print Capture One Pro
(All Cameras/Sony/Fujifilm)
Capture One Express
CMYK Space Support Output to any CMYK profile
EIP Support Pack your master file together with adjustments for trouble-free sharing
Exporter Export images to your choice of image formats
Process Recipes Output multiple file formats at the same time to multiple destinations
Watermark Add a name or image overlay to the processed file
Print Options Customize print layouts and add metadata for contact sheets or prints
Slideshow Create your own slideshows and showcase your image and video files
Soft Proofing Ensure the preview matches the output file for scale, color, compression and sharpness
Support for plug-ins
Install plugins that adds 3rd party functionality to Capture One Pro
Web Contact Sheet Create an instant web gallery from a number of templates
PSD Export With Assets Include overlay, crop and watermark in the output image, each as a layer in the PSD file
LAB Readouts A professional calibration tool for checking image data in the LAB color space

Performance and Workspace Capture One Pro
(All Cameras/Sony/Fujifilm)
Capture One Express
Accelerated Workflow Fast processing with OpenCL, multi-threaded GPU and cross-platform 64-bit support
Customizable Interface Customize your workspaces, tools and tool tabs
Full Screen Get a large, unobstructed full screen view of your work
Multi Monitor Support for multiple monitors
Optimized for Hi-DPI Displays Capture One supports retina type displays
Save ICC Profile as Default Create custom ICC settings to be used as default for specific cameras
Scripting (Mac Only) Perform automated tasks in Capture One
Templates Reuse session and catalog structures for improved efficiency