Interface explained

Get to know the Capture One interface in just 4 minutes. Find the tools you need and learn how to use the simple sliders.

Learn to:

  • Navigate Capture One
  • Locate the different tools
  • Use sliders efficiently

Importing and organizing your photos

Learn to smartly organize your photos with Catalogs. We’ll show you how to import your photos into a catalog and use Groups and Albums to collate them.

Learn to:

  • Create your own Catalog
  • Import and organize your images

Essentials adjustments

Master the basics of photo editing and boost your photos in no time. In this tutorial, learn how to make easy adjustments to white balance, exposure, crop – and more.

Learn to:

  • Use basic editing tools
  • Copy adjustments between images

Exporting photos

Share your photos with the world. Learn to export your photos in the different file formats – and adjust the file size, location and more.

Learn to:

  • Export images
  • Control the size, format, location and more