Tell it with colors



“Getting the colors right can help the viewer feel like they are there with me, exactly as I saw it.”

- Jennifer Adler


Jennifer used Capture One 21 to edit her images. Download a free trial here.

The rarest color in nature, blue is hard to pin down. The Greeks and Romans didn’t have a word for it, while the Ancient Egyptians loved blue gemstones so much they created the first synthetic blue pigment. Blue dye and paint were so expensive in Early Modern Europe that only the richest could afford it, but it eventually became the color of the world’s most popular garment – jeans. In the 1950s, French artist Yves Klein famously invented his own shade of blue – inspiring today’s creatives to continue reinventing this unique color.





“I was afraid of green – it took me out of my comfort zone. The human eye can identify more nuances of green than with any other color,  so I had to get it exactly right.  But ultimately I find it a hopeful color, vibrant and positive.” 

Maciek Miloch

With almost 30 shades, humans can see green better than any other color. It’s what helped our ancestors identify different plants – and why visual creatives must work hard to get the exact tone right. Green is often linked with good health, but it can also kill – in the 19th century, people died after wearing popular green dyes made from arsenic. But with its connection to nature, green will always be a powerful symbol of new life and the protection of our planet.  


“Red is heat that stands strong even when the air is cold. It is the feeling in your heart that someone you love is nearby, even when in real life they are far away. Red is sometimes unbearable. If blue is protection, red is strength.”

- Michelle Watt

Humans have been telling stories with red since the beginning of time. It’s the first color newborn babies see – and the first color we used to create art on ancient cave walls. It represents all our most powerful feelings, like rage or love. And from Coca Cola to Netflix, brands love using red to stand out. Red even makes our hearts beat faster – making it one of the most powerful colors of all.