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Capture One Pro Fujifilm

Powerful photo editing software exclusive to Fujifilm

Capture One Pro Fujifilm

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Make your Fujifilm photos come alive

Save on the full-feature set in Capture One Pro with this software version exclusive to Fujifilm photos.

With powerful editing and organizing tools, Capture One Pro Fujifilm is everything you need to create unforgettable images:

  • Fujifilm Film Simulations
  • Advanced color editing tools
  • Realistic colors tailored to your camera
  • Fast import and export
  • Customizable interface and shortcuts
  • Subscribe or buy – your choice

Capture One Pro Fujifilm

The same powerful photo editing tools from Capture One Pro, tailored to your Fujifilm images.

granular control of images using capture one pro raw image editor un-converted image granular control of images using capture one pro raw image editor

Take creative control

Take full creative control of your photos thanks to endless adjustment possibilities and powerful masking, layer, and color tools. Plus, get all your favorite Fujifilm Film Simulations in Capture One.

Get the highest quality images

With custom color and lens profiles for Fujifilm cameras, get more natural colors and the sharpest detail straight out of your camera – before you’ve even started editing. 

Edit photos faster

Work more efficiently by designing a workflow to suit you. Arrange tools anywhere you want and program keyboard shortcuts for faster work thanks to the fully customizable workspace.

Stay on top of projects and files

Keep file management simple. Choose between Sessions and Catalogs to organize files based on themes or projects, plus cull and collate photos faster thanks to smart organization tools.

Shoot directly to your computer

Live review your photos by shooting directly to your computer. As the industry leader in tethered capture, Capture One is the fastest and most reliable way to preview your shoots.

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Why Fujifilm pros love Capture One

Why Fujifilm pros love Capture One

Shavonne Wong

"Capture One has been my go-to tool for tethering, culling and color–grading for the past few years. It has never failed to help me get the best results from my images. It works exceptionally well with my Fujifilm RAW files, bringing out the depth of colors to their best potential."

Jan Gonzales

"Fujifilm’s beautiful color science is a unique part of its brand heritage, and only Capture One renders it closely to the camera’s own JPEG rendition. Your Fujifilm Simulations are also applied directly to your RAW files. My Fujifilm files are simply rendered better.”

Russell Ord

"One of the best features of Fujifilm cameras are the Film Simulations; it's pure color science. I love that Capture One and Fujifilm collaborated to incorporate the Fujifilm color profiles. A few editing steps in Capture One and your images are sharp, have great colors and contrast, and are print-ready.”

Buy Capture One Pro Fujifilm

Buy Capture One Pro Fujifilm

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Reach new depths with Capture One and Fujifilm GFX100

Over April, I was tasked with capturing the ocean over five days using the new Fujifilm GFX100. While the shoot itself had its challenges – the ocean is not a controlled environment – Capture One Pro was working solidly in the background.

Capture One Pro

Shoot with another camera brand? Upgrade to Capture One Pro and get support for 500+ cameras including Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm.