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Editorial by Michael Woloszynowicz

"The goal in creating these styles was to focus around the colors that resonate with me across a variety of shooting scenarios. I’m typically drawn towards strong yet refined contrast as well as complementary colors, and so that’s what these styles really focus on and draw from. Rather than aim for extreme variances, I wanted to keep them all within the same family so each one feels like a natural progression as you explore them on your own images."

Includes 7 styles.

Capture One Styles | Editorial by Michael Woloszynowicz Capture One Styles | Editorial by Michael Woloszynowicz



MW-01a - Skin Corrector Green Yellow

MW-01b - Skin Corrector Magenta Red

MW-02 - Cool Summer

MW-03 - Retro Summer

MW-04 - Studio Chill

MW-05 - Studio Warmth

MW-07 - B&W Portrait

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Discover more Styles