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Legacy by Muse and Mirror

“Turn every light situation into a beautiful look. From lush, warm colors to diverse color palettes, this Style Pack is ideal for weddings, portraits or fashion photography where skin tones are crucial. ” - Muse & Mirror

Includes 11 Styles.

Legacy Styles

"There’s a look for every light situation when photographing people – from harsh sunlight and dramatic indoor light to the soft light of a cloudy day. These are Styles optimized for beautiful skin tones".

capture-one-raw-photo-editor-museandmirror-styles-lg-01-before-closeupweddingcouple capture-one-raw-photo-editor-museandmirror-styles-lg-01-after-closeupweddingcouple




Summery, warm colors with rich contrasts for strong and atmospheric looks. This Style will have you covered from dawn to dusk. Includes a soft and vibrant alternative.


A slightly subdued palette with soft highlights that works well for both cooler and warmer edits with a yellowish cast. Can be used to create a painterly look with the right light.


Cold and muted look that render skin tones beautifully. Pulling the white balance to the right leads to a classic, warmer look that is highly versatile for wedding photography. A soft alternative is included


A green and yellow bias with slightly cool highlights to give an antique or nostalgic feeling to your photos.


A go-to Style. Classic and versatile, with medium contrast and flattering skin rendering – perfect for brides and portraits. Works flawlessly as a standard Style across different edits.

capture-one-raw-photo-editor-museandmirror-styles-lg-06-after-brideandhand capture-one-raw-photo-editor-museandmirror-styles-lg-06-before-brideandhand




This will leave most colors sitting naturally, while introducing an orange cast to the middle tones and a greenish tint to the highlights. A perfect Style for a more artistic look.


With soft and muted tones, this Style gives you control of colorful scenes and is paired with a yellow cast for an antique-looking finish to your photos.


A low-contrast black and white look, covering all shades of grey without going into the black and white extremes. Preserves highlight and shadow details beautifully.


Our personal favorite for a film-noir black and white look, with higher contrast and real blacks and whites, instead of greyish in-betweens.


Flat looks with faded blacks that reproduce the look of antique photographs and add stylish vintage flair to your images.


The highest contrast black-and-white look, to create highly dramatic images.

Are you a wedding photographer?

Are you a wedding photographer?

Discover more Styles

Discover more Styles