Martha Suherman

Martha Suherman is an Indonesian commercial photographer specializing in movement and underwater photography. She graduated from Trisakti University in Jakarta, Indonesia majoring in graphic design, and started her career as a Graphic Designer.  

Martha found her passion for photography in 2000 and has been a professional photographer since 2007. She also loves to travel - capturing her travel memories from all over the world to share on social media. She is listed as one of Nikon Indonesia’s brand ambassadors, and is an affiliate with Broncolor.

Why I love Capture One
“I love the overall performance of Capture One. It’s able to process my RAW files perfectly and saves some pictures that I thought were failed or overexposed.
The tethering menu makes my work easier, because I can speak to my clients with the same perspective with visuals, and it runs really smooth with no lag.
I also love the color grading and systematic file management. It’s truly an advanced editing software for professionals.”

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