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Capture One 20 RAW photo editing software screenshot

Become a Capture One Reseller

Boost profits and help customers create amazing images

Become a Capture One Reseller

What is Capture One?

Capture One is the complete photo editing software solution. With powerful tools for color and layer editing, organizing, tethered shooting – and much more – users get full creative control of images and their editing workflow. The industry leader in RAW photo editing tools, Capture One supports files from all major camera brands and is widely preferred by professional photographers and studios worldwide.

Why your customers need Capture One

Best quality images

Capture One processes the highest-quality images with the most accurate colors – even before a user starts editing. Plus, the powerful editing tools offer users complete creative control of their image, from simple tweaks to total transformations.

Comprehensive support

Your customers won’t be left to work things out on their own. Capture One provides wide-ranging support and learning resources that includes a learning hub with webinars, video tutorials as well as an online user forum and a regularly updated online user guide.

Flexible payment plans

New users can choose the way they pay. They can opt for a perpetual license to own the software version outright or spread the payments with a subscription plan to always get the latest upgrades. Discounts are also available for annual pre-paid subscription plans.

Reasons to become a Capture One Reseller

  • Capture One is a perfect add-on partner-product for DSLR and mirrorless camera sales
  • Potentially double your profit margin on top of typical DSLR/mirrorless camera sales (Sign up for pricing details)
  • Get recurring revenue with each new software version release
  • Sell online or in-store with physical license cards with scratchable codes
  • Make your customers happy – help them get more value out of their new camera

7 ways we can help you get the sales

  • Exclusive promotions, campaigns, offers, and much more – only available to Capture One Resellers
  • Access to a wide selection of Capture One content, branding and media material for promotions
  • Monthly Newsletters including up-to-date information on new releases and product launches
  • In-store POS displays with physical license cards with scratchable codes
  • Support from a personal account manager
  • Free staff training from Capture One experts
  • Free multi-user license to use for demonstrations

Products to tempt all camera owners

Capture One is available to buy in 3 different versions, plus a bundled option for even more value

Capture One Pro

The professionals' choice in image editing software. Fully featured with support for 500+ cameras covering all major brands including the latest mirrorless and DSLR models.

Capture One Pro Fujifilm

Fujifilm users can save on the full-feature set in Capture One Pro with this version exclusive to Fujifilm files. It’s compatible with over 35 Fujifilm cameras, at less than half the price of Capture One Pro.

Capture One Pro (for Sony)

Sony users can save on the full-feature set in Capture One Pro with this version exclusive to Sony files. It’s compatible with over 70 Sony DSLR, mirrorless and compact models, at less than half the price of Capture One Pro.

Do you have further questions?

If you have any questions about becoming a Capture One reseller, get in touch at:

Next steps…

Once you have signed up, we will send an email to set up your account. Larger camera stores or online resellers should contact us at We’ll set you up with a personal account manager to guide you through the process.

Looking forward to hearing from you!