Jonas Nordqvist

Jonas is a Swedish photographer known for his color grading and stunning images with amazing skin tones. Malmö is the place he calls home, but he likes to see the world as his workplace.
Recently he decided to make a risky move; putting his engineering career behind him and moving to the other side of the globe - to Bali - where he stayed half a year and grew his social media account.
Jonas likes to challenge himself in new situations. He is very versatile and works with both natural and artificial light which comes in handy in his fashion, beauty and editorial work.

Why I love Capture One
"The reason why I first started using Capture One was because of the amazing color tones I could get in just a split second. But that was just the tip on the iceberg. After a couple of weeks using it, I found out that Capture One is both for creatives who wants to spend a short time on their images, and for those like me who love to get into details.
My favorite feature is how I can create beautiful skin tones and the abilities to selectively edit different areas in an image. Capture One is also fast and have great functions to export my final images before delivery."

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