Pratik Naik

Pratik is a commercial and editorial high-end retoucher with a passion for pixels. His obsession with retouching is a passion and profession. Being able to harness the potential of RAW files and see it through to fruition gives him a lot of joy. This joy comes from the ability to work with photographers from all walks of life, to come up with something that is a collaborative effort. They entrust him with their RAW files, and he massages them into what they envision. Pratik is also a traveling creative and he train others in the world of post-production to overcome the hurdles they face. Inspiring, being creative, and educating is what drives him. 

Why I love Capture One
"I use Capture One to process my RAW files. It not only serves as a necessary base before retouching, but it is also the industry standard. The flexibility the program allows gives me the utmost control in pushing and pulling colors in ways I just can't attain in any other program. It's not just the advanced tools included within the program, but the way the colors are rendered without doing anything else makes it the go-to processing program for ensuring you are getting the most out of your images. It makes the RAW files I work with sing! And this is not to mention the unrivaled speed the program has. I could truly go on forever."

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