Introducing our newest tools

The latest Capture One 20 update makes it easier than ever to retouch your photos, track your changes and much more.
Capture One Raw Photo Editor Features Healing Tool
Remove unwanted elements fast with the Heal Brush – Capture One will automatically find the best source point to cover up your selected target.
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Automatically create a Clone Layer – use the Clone Brush to select the source target you want to clone.
Capture One Raw Photo Editor Features Before After
Review your edits in one click. Choose between the Full View and Split Screen Slider to instantly compare your edited image to the original RAW file.
Capture One Raw Photo Editor Feature Page Organize Your Images Switching To Capture One
Import your Lightroom Catalog directly into Capture One for a smooth switch. Your basic image adjustments and folder structures will be replicated in Capture One – without risking your original files.
Capture One Raw Photo Editor Nikon Feature Editing Tools 01
For selected Nikon camera models, get even more editing options with built-in Nikon profiles that match the colors in your camera. See supported models.