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DVLOP Styles for Capture One

Global preset creators DVLOP create stunning instant looks together with leading photographers.

Recreate their signature styles in just a few clicks with new DVLOP Style Packs for Capture One.

Roam by Gabe McCintock

Achieve a balanced look in all lighting situations with Styles inspired by the majesty of nature. With 11 unique modifiers, the Roam Style Pack suits any setting or mood.



For the love of film - FUJI by Jose Villa

Create organic looks with beautiful skin tones inspired by Fujifilm film cameras. This Style Pack is perfect for weddings, portraits and outdoor photography.



Fuji 160NS Noritsu

Cool your shadows and soften your highlights while maintaining fine grain. Creates warm skin tones with coupled with cool highlights and shadows.

Fuji 400H - Noritsu

A go-to film for beautiful skin tones in daylight. Soften bright light to enhance natural colors and skin tones – and open up the shadows.

Fuji 800NPZ - Noritsu

Cool your greens and warm your skin tones with a Style that offers beautiful gradation – and keeps all the key details.

Fuji 160NS - Frontier

Give your photos a cooler and more contrasty look while maintaining soft skin tones with pastel qualities.

Fuji 400H - Frontier

Achieve an old-school feel with cleanier, punchier colors and golden skin tones.

Fuji 800NPZ - Frontier

Add contrast across the scene without cooling down your skin tones too much. Plus, bring out your pinks for warmth that makes skin shine.
Buy For the love of film - FUJI by Jose Villa

Mystical Potions by Two Mann Studios

Recreate the dramatic looks of Two Mann Studios with these hand-crafted Styles. Use them to enrich colors, accentuate tonal extremes, and intensify light and shadow.




Achieve luscious colors, an intense tonal range and earthy complexity with this bold, full-bodied Style.

Double IPA

Strong and hoppy, yet well balanced. Use this go-to style to achieve both authentic skin and dramatic earth and skies.


Recreate the classic black-and-white look from Two Mann with this high-intensity Style.


Get sultry skin tones with Two Mann’s go-to-style for wild and colorful dance floors.


Give your photos a powerful black-and-white feel.
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Parkerisms by Kristen Marie Parker

Photographer Kristen Marie Parker loves documenting different types of light. Use her Style Pack to create beautiful images in any light setting – from the bright midday sun to dusk.



The KMP Signature

Deepen your blacks and give your photos a cinematic feel with this versatile Style that works on almost any setting and time of day.

After Sunset

Emphasize the dusk in your late-evening shots with magenta and blue hues.

After Sunrise

Ideal for direct light and intense blue skies, use this Style to smooth out skin and lower the contrast between shadows and highlights.

Moody BW

Kristen’s go-to black-and-white look works for all types of light. Use it to bring out portraits, hands and those special moments in-between.

Ah My Eyes

Level out skin tones and transition smoothly from natural to artifical light with Kristen’s perfectly paired-on camera flash style.
Buy Parkerisms by Kristen Marie Parker Styles

Create powerful photos with Capture One

With endless photo adjustment possibilities, authentic colors, advanced Layers and powerful tools for organizing and exporting, Capture One is everything you need to get the most out of your photo – down to the last pixel.
Capture One students save 65% - fast performance icon

Fast performance

Edit large projects quickly with smart organization, real-time slider adjustments and fast importing and exporting. The interface can be fully customized to fit your needs and workflow. Work in Sessions to easily manage each project and keep track of your RAW and exported files.

Powerful editing tools

Take creative control and perfect your photos with the highest image quality and authentic colors tailored to all major camera brands. With advanced shadow and highlight recovery and powerful color editing tools it has never been easier to achieve the look you want for your photos.

Work in Layers

Use advanced Layers to apply adjustments to specific areas of your photo.
Split your editing into Layers to maintain the overview of the adjustments applied on the image, remove objects, or dodge and burn without the need of external applications.

Make an easy switch to Capture One

Get pro tips for switching your photo editing workflow – and discover all you can do with Capture One.

Capture One Pro 相对于 Lightroom 的 5 大优势

食品摄影师和造型师 Michaela Hartwig 使用 Capture One Pro 制作华丽而令人垂涎的照片。从颜色分级到图层工具,以下是 Capture One 的照片编辑器吸引她的五大关键优势。

从Lightroom 切换到 Capture One 的 11 个技巧

熟悉一个新的软件从非易事——但却不意味着一定让人无所适从。如果您正在考虑从 Lightroom 切换到 Capture One,这 11 个小技巧会使转换的过程变得更简单。

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Emily Teague 分享她如何从 Lightroom 切换到 Capture One 的故事。了解她如何体验 Capture One 的不同工具和布局。