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Desktop with computer using capture one pro raw image editing software

Become a Capture One Reseller

Become a Capture One Reseller



  作为 Capture One 经销商,您将获得:

-  与照片编辑软件行业领导者合作的机会
-  独家促销、活动、优惠等等 —— 仅适用于 Capture One 经销商
- 各种精选 Capture One 内容、品牌和促销媒体资料的访问权限
- 每月通讯,包括有关新版本和产品发布的最新信息
Capture One 代表提供的无限支持

Any questions?


If you have any questions about becoming a Capture One reseller, please feel free to contact us at:

We're always happy to help!