Master Capture One in 30 days

Get to know Capture One's powerful tools – in just 30 days.

Every day, you'll open a new blog post, tutorial or webinar from this page and learn a new skill – then share the results on Instagram using the hashtag #editwithus.

Plus, join us for #editwithus sessions on Facebook and Youtube where we go live to share editing tips and answer your questions.

Stage 1: Get Started

Day 1: Interface explained

Get to know the Capture One interface in just 5 minutes. Find the tools you need and learn to use the simple sliders.

Plus, discover the new features with Ted Forbes or get more tips from Fstoppers

Watch tutorial 

Day 2: Creating a Catalog

Learn how to organize your photos with Catalogs. Import your photos into a Catalog and use Groups and Albums to collate them.

Day 3: Essential adjustments

Master the basics of photo editing. Learn how to boost your photos with easy adjustments to white balance, exposure, crop and more.

Plus, read 5 things Capture One can do that Lightroom can't and make your photos pop

Day 4: Basic exporting

Share your photos with the world. Learn to export your photos in the different file formats – and adjust the file size, location and more.

Day 5: Importing a Lightroom Catalog

Make an easy transition from Lightroom. Learn how to import your Lightroom catalog to Capture One and create a smaller sub-catalog.

Plus,  get tips to move a Lightroom catalog to Capture One and 10 common questions when switching to Capture One

Day 6: Crop and Rotate

Learn how to crop, rotate and straighten your photos.

Day 7: New to Capture One? Hit the ground running

Everything you need to know about getting started with Capture One, rolled into one easy tutorial. 

Plus,  get three beginners tips for workflow or 10 things you should know about Capture One and Capture One myth busting

Stage 2 – Elevate your photos

Day 8: Understanding Exposure and Contrast

Learn different ways to adjust exposure and contrast in Capture One. Get to know the simple sliders, as well as Levels and Curves for more control.

Day 9: Introduction to Layers

Use Layers and Masks to focus your edits on one area of your photo without affecting the rest. In this tutorial, learn how Layers work and how to create and mask them.

Day 10: Working with Styles

Create professional-grade photos fast with Styles. Apply these instant looks from Capture One to transform your photos – plus, learn how to tweak them to suit you.

Plus, watch our tutorial Styles-one click magic

Day 11: Radial and Linear Gradients

Get more precise edits by isolating areas of your photos with Radial and Linear Gradient Masks. Learn to create and transform Masks with dynamic shapes and falloffs.

Day 12: Color Editor

The Color Editor is one of the most powerful tools in Capture One Pro. Rapidly edit colors with the Direct Color Editor, and learn how to precisely select and adjust colors using the Advanced Color Editor.

Day 13: Black and White Edit

Convert your images to black and white and control the contrast. Plus, learn to use Radial Masks for selective vignettes and other masks to control exposure.

Plus get better at black and white

Day 14: Learn to capture tethered

Create a studio set-up by using tethered capture to shoot photos directly to your computer for live review. Learn how it works and how to use it in your workflow.

Plus, chek out this additional  tutorial on tethered basics

Day 15: Secure your files

Commercial, cityscape and landscape photographer Paul Reiffer travels the world capturing thousands of photos. Get his tips for keeping track of your RAW files and edits, so you can access them whenever and wherever you need them.

Stage 3 – Build workflows

Day 16: Smart exporting with Process Recipes

Export photos in different formats for different locations – all at once. Learn to use Process Recipes to produce images for web, Instagram and print in one go.

Day 17: Advanced Layer Masking

Learn different techniques to create high-quality masks and precisely select areas of your photo to edit.

Day 18: Luminosity Masking

Make fast but precise adjustments to selected shadows, midtones or highlights. Learn how to use the Luma Range tool to limit masks to a selected luminosity range.

Plus, make a bad image great with Luma Range

Day 19: Perfecting skin tones

Learn to fine-tune and even out skin tones using Capture One’s powerful Skin Tone tool.

Plus, get perfect portrait skin

Watch tutorial 

Day 20: Color grading

Learn how to get creative with color grading using the Color Balance Tool. Plus, discover even more creative possibilities with Layers.

plus,  learn color grading with curves

Day 21: Dodge and burn

Learn how to selectively brighten or darken parts of your photo using two Layers that are easy-to-create.

Day 22: Portrait Edit

Bring your portraits to life. Learn how to correct skin tones and color grade beautiful portrait photos using Layers.

Plus,  read Capture One unique portrait photography benefits

Watch tutorial 

Stage 4 – Pro edits

Day 23: Landscape Edit

Master landscape editing for any level. Follow along as we edit one landscape photo using simple adjustments and a second photo with the powerful Luma Range tool.

Day 24: Editing travel and street photography

Learn to harness Capture One’s tools to create amazing travel and street photos. Follow along and work your way up from simple adjustments to Layer editing.

Day 25: Editing Weddings

Kirk Mastin is the founder Mastin Labs, a leading creator of instant film looks for weddings. Follow along as Kirk edits a wedding shoot from start to finish and shares tips and tricks.

Day 26: Product photography basics

Discover how commercial photographer Zach Sutton creates amazing product photography using tethered capture, live review and more.

Day 27: How to smooth skin without Photoshop

Luxury wedding photographer Vanessa Joy shows you how to achieve smooth skin in your photos using Capture One.

Day 28: Round Tripping

Follow along as Jonas Nordqvist shows you how to start editing in Capture One and make changes in Photoshop before finalizing your photo in Capture One.

Day 29: Organizing your Catalog

Stay on top of your photos. Get expert help for organizing your Catalog using filters, keywords and more.

Day 30: Creative color grading with Layers

Commercial and editorial retoucher Pratik Naik talks layer editing in Capture One. Learn how to build a complete layer-based workflow – and which tools are ideal for different kinds of adjustments.