2021 – What a year for Capture One

Wrapping up and looking ahead: 2021 was just the start

2021 was a busy and exciting year for Capture One.

Throughout the year, we released a succession of fantastic updates to Capture One 21 and rounded it off with the launch of Capture One 22 in December. Together, this delivered must use new tools like Style Brushes and the Magic Brush, highly requested features like Panorama Stitching and HDR merge, updates to our core workflows like the redesigned Importer and Exporter, wireless tethering for select Canon cameras, and a long list of newly supported hardware.

We’ve also invested heavily under the hood over the last year. We ported our Mac codebase to run natively on Apple’s M1 silicon, and brought code and speed optimizations to Windows, making Capture One noticeably snappier and more stable on both platforms.

It was also a year of great growth and development for our Community engagement programs. We received plaudits where we deserved them and we stood to listen when we didn’t get things quite right. We welcomed a new and diverse slate of Ambassadors who continue to awe us with their work, their creativity and their innovative approaches to professional photography. We hugely value our Community, so we’ve world tiredlessly to follow up our words with actions, and are committed to continuing to do so.

Inside the house, we’ve also been very busy hiring a new team and building the infrastructure required to run Capture One as an independent company, with about one-third of the Capture One team joining in the last year. We also expanded our footprint in Athens, where we opened an Engineering site in the summer of 2020, and moved into our permanent office there.

We can’t wait to get started with 2022.

To some extent, 2022 started early for Capture One. We gave you a sneak preview of Capture One Live, our first Cloud product, we disclosed our progress on porting Capture One to the iPad and we introduced stable and reliable wireless tethering.

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We’re incredibly excited about the future of photography.

We are witnessing the emergence of a multi-device, collaborative photography workflow, including Cloud, Mobile, Social and Collaboration platforms, and we understand

the importance and value of bringing our core strengths in image quality, reliability and efficiency to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of photographers and image creators.

We’re pumped about our plans and we hope that as all the parts start to fall into place, you will be too.

Most importantly though, I would like to heartfully thank our worldwide community of photographers for your engagement and custom. The work you do tirelessly, your diversity, your creativity and your wizard-like skills inspire us to do our best work.

Thank you for your support in 2021, on behalf of the Capture One team around the world, I wish you and your loved ones all the very best in 2022.

Rafael Orta

Rafael Orta, Capture One CEO
Rafael Orta

Rafael Orta was appointed CEO of Capture One in December 2020. Originally a computer engineer who moved into marketing and management, Orta brings over 25 years of experience working with leading high tech and hard industry players. His passion for technology and innovation drew him to Capture One – and he believes firmly in putting the user community at the heart of decision-making

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