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Control time and stay ahead of the game

NOTE: This article discusses an outdated version of Capture One. To learn more about our latest version, click here.

As some of you may know from following the Phase One blog and emails, I regularly serve as a digital tech for the brilliant and extremely talented campaign beauty photography Sarah Silver.

After working with Phase One on a behind-the-scenes look at Silver’s digital workflow, followed by a webinar hosted by Sarah and myself, Phase One asked me to write a blog post about my own workflow as an interior photographer.

The truth is, I’m a visual person, as I’m sure many of you are; I’d much rather see things in action. With that, we decided a video would be the best way to show how I photograph interiors using Capture One 8.


Huge benefit with one application

For this particular production, I partnered with my favorite interior design brand, Viyet; the online destination for nearly new furniture finds from top designers.  Feauturing pieces from distinguished lines such as B&B Italia, Cassina, Christian Liaigre, Holly Hunt, Ligne Roset, and Mies van der Rohe, the online redesign brand is changing the game for high-end furniture consignment.

When we started looking at production dates, Viyet was about to launch its very first pop-up shop at the FLOR store in SoHo, New York.  The launch featured interior vignettes designed by Jennifer Hunter & Goergie Hambright of J+G Design; and Patrick J. Hamilton, an interior designer regularly featured on


Perfect challenge

This turned out to be the perfect challenge for myself and Capture One 8: an intimate space with two uniquely designed interior concepts — and of course, not enough hours in the day.

Without further ado, please enjoy this behind-the-scenes look into our day with Viyet at the FLOR store, and the final images from the shoot.

Best regards,

Topher Scott




Topher Scott
Topher Scott

Topher Scott is a fashion, lifestyle and interior photographer based in New York. Originally from New Orleans, Topher was inspired by the rich arts culture and historic architecture of the Deep South. Clients include Nike, Bluefly, Elle, Viyet, Titanium and Volvo.

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Sweet shots, do you edit all the shots on the Air?

Thank you Tristan. Actually, that was a particularly tight shooting space, so I packed very light that day. Normally, I would use a more robust capture computer for more intensive shooting.

The brilliant thing about Capture One is that it functions so well even on a Macbook Air!!! For me, this project was a great example of producing major digital assets in a small space, not a lot of time to get the shots, with a small inventory of equipment, and mostly relying on Capture One to bring the shoot to life; and that’s exactly what happened. Again, a testament to how amazing Cap One is — and why it’s my first choice for tethering software. -Topher

enzo corti

ottimo ok saluto

Topher uses the “keystone tool to correct wide angle lens distortion”???
I thought that was a tool to correct perspective lines fall, which is something we should check on camera as first thing…

Hi Marco,

That is correct — on occasion, I use the keystone tool to correct distortion and perspective.

When shooting with a wider angle lens, naturally, there is some level of distortion that can’t be adjusted in camera or with the Lens Correction tool in Cap One.

I find that the keystone tool is most effective for interior shots in smaller spaces.