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RAW Talent with Alexander Holmfjeld

Portraits by Alexander Holmfjeld

Alexander Holmfjeld loves using minimalistic touches of color and geometric shapes. As a photography student at NEXT in Copenhagen, Denmark, he has been experimenting with different trends and styles to find his own voice.

In our new series RAW Talent, we put a spotlight on emerging photographers who are exploring their process with Capture One, and Alexander is the first to give us a peek at what the new generation of photographers has in store for us.

Can you tell us more about your style? What makes it unique?

My style tends to lean into minimalistic elements of color and geometrics. I love playing with lines and lighting, especially using it to force the audience’s attention in a certain direction.

I love shooting still images and doing my best to make my subjects feel that ‘POP’ effect from the image, making them almost look alive

Portraits by Alexander Holmfjeld

How was the process of finding your authorial voice?

I’d say my process in finding this style had mostly to do with exploring different trends, grabbing elements I liked, and refining them to my own taste. I think over the past few years, I’ve basically reset my way of thinking when I make images. I used to like many elements and making these complicated scenes, but would often find it difficult to make nice, or even fail at creating a good picture. Instead, I started cutting into the necessities of what makes an image great for me personally. And with that, I have come to appreciate a more minimalistic style with stronger but simpler elements.

On a different note, when did you first hear about Capture One?

Capture One came into my life when I started studying photography at NEXT. I decided, ‘You know what? If this is the industry standard, I might as well learn it’. And truth be told, I fell in love with the software. I stopped using Lightroom and overhauled my workflow.

Portrait by Alexander Holmfjeld edited using Capture One Pro

What is your opinion about Capture One? To what extent do you use it in your creative process?

To me personally, Capture One Pro is my go-to software for both tethered shooting but also culling and post-processing (RAW edits). I would say I am a power user of the software, using it all the way from my planning steps to creating formats for mood boards, all the way to making the final print file. It all starts and ends in Capture One.

What are the technical aspects of Capture One Pro you enjoy the most?

I LOOOOOVE Speed Editing. I feel inferior at my editing when I go on an older version of Capture One Pro, or completely useless when I open Lightroom. Also, the way that I can do Live View and shoot at the same time – I can have a makeup artist look at the shots while a director looks at the Live View. It’s BRILLIANT!

Image by Alexander Holmfjeld edited using Capture One Pro

If you have one tip to give to new Capture One users, what would that be?

Tips for new users… hmm… even though it might seem daunting and very different to other photo editors, you just have to push yourself to use it as much as possible. As you slowly learn more about the capabilities of Capture One, the quality of your images will also develop.


Discover more of Alexander’s work here.

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