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Time-saving shortcuts: The sequel

Moving sliders faster when using the keyboard

If you click in the textboxes next to the sliders you can adjust the value of the slider very precisely by using the up and down arrows on the keyboard. However if you want to make a big change you can hold down Shift while pressing the arrow keys and it will take a step that is 10 times larger.


Quickly copying only some adjustments from one image to others

The regular copy apply buttons in the toolbar copies all adjustments from one image to others. If you only want to apply a few of the adjustments, you can go to the adjustments clipboard tool and untick the adjustments you don’t want before pressing the apply button.

This is tedious however if you are only interested in having the adjustments from one tool transferred to all the other images. That is why we made the Local copy apply button. It is the small double arrow in the title bar of the tools that support it. Most of the tools in Capture One Pro 7 has a “local copy apply button”. This makes it easy to apply the adjustments from just one tool to many images.


Clicking the local copy apply button you are shown the part of the clipboard that contains the settings relevant for the tool. Then you can choose to either copy those settings to the clipboard or you can apply them directly without really using the clipboard.


To be able to work really fast we have made it so that if you hold down Alt while clicking the local copy apply button, it corresponds to clicking copy in the box. Holding down the Shift key corresponds to clicking apply in the box.

People are sometimes confused with how to use the apply button – the idea is that you select multiple images and then you can quickly give all the images e.g. the same Black and White Tool setting look as the primary variant by holding down the Alt key and clicking the local copy apply button.

If you like this way of working you should also try adding the “Copy and Apply Adjustments” button to the main window toolbar. Just right-click the toolbar and select customize.

Find the item called “Copy and Apply Adjustments” and drag it to the toolbar.

CustomizeThis button works exactly like the local one in the tools – however it copies settings across all tools just like the regular copy apply buttons f you press the “Copy and Apply Adjustments” button you are shown a dialog box containing the clipboard.

Color readouts shortcuts

The “add color readout” cursor tool allows you to get small signs with readouts of the color value in different points of the image. You simply left-click to add them to the screen. If you want to remove one of the readouts you can simply hold down the Alt key, while clicking on it and it will disappear. If you have made multiple readouts and want to remove all of the at once you hold down the Shift and Alt keys at the same time, while clicking on one of them.


Temporary reset

If you want to see how the image would look without the adjustments from one of the tools, you could simply press the local reset button on that tool and afterwards press undo. However there is a more elegant way to do it. Hold down the Alt key while clicking on the reset button in the tool and the tool adjustments will be reset as long as you click. When you release the Alt key and the left mouse button the adjustments will return.

Snapping masks

If you hold down Shift while drawing a Gradient Mask, you can get the mask to snap to 45 degree angles. This is nice if you want your mask to be very accurate.

Process history

When a Variant is processed/exported to e.g. .jpg, Capture One Pro 7 saves the path to the output file. If you want to see that list, then select an image that has been processed previously (all processed images will have a small gear icon overlaid on their thumbnail).

Then click the “adjustments->process history” menu item to see a list of the processed files. You can click on them to have them opened in the default image viewer on your system.


Best regards,

Theis Hansen

Theis Hansen
Theis Hansen

Theis is a senior software developer who has been part of the Capture One Windows team for the past six years. (Too) early in the morning you will often find Theis in the Phase One software department coding the idea his brain worked on last night while his baby twins refused to sleep without holding dad's hand.

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I will enjoy the shortcut for removing color readouts. For reviewing different crops or who knows what reason, they tend to grow on me and I have to harvest them.

I like to use them and have sometimes wished there could be a keyboard shortcut for ‘show/hide all’ as there is for show/hide mask.

tariq mahmood


Markus Prenninger

Thanks for the explanation, great software!, great tools, esp. the easy way to get an exactly horizontal gradient mask is new to me.

2 remarks: I sometimes would like to have a key for showing and hiding the viewer window; and, unrelated to shortcuts, the viewer as well as the slide show have a tendency towards “banding” although i work on 16bit digiback raw files (the final output 16bit TIFF file of course doesn’t show any banding)

Kind regards, Markus

Mahesh Soni

I like This software I have to do correction in wedding image
in my area amature photographer dont exopsed properly
these image normaly redds and under exposed
i could not find short cut to reduce red color by cliking keyboard
can captur one pro work on window 32 bit ?
Where i can get it in india
does it comes with dongle ? or hard can be changed and
there after it also work ?

David Grover

HI Manesh,

You can buy Capture One from our online store. Just go to

With regards to a red cast, its probably a simple matter of correcting the exposure and giving a proper white balance.

We require Windows 7 or 8 for Capture One.


I’ve been told that Capture One Pro has the ability to convert Sony AWR raw files to jpeg with batch processing for size, dpi, and other adjustments on a Macintosh. I don’t seem to be able to find any indication of this on this web site or by using the search functions.

Was I misinformed about this batch processing of AWR files for Macintosh?

Theis Hansen

Hi Warren,

On the following page you can check whether your Sony camera is supported:

Try downloading Capture One Express (for Sony) free of charge and try converting your ARW files. If you need more advanced batch processing options, upgrade to Capture One Pro (for Sony).

Hope that helps.

All the best,