Shortcuts to a faster workflow with your Wacom tablet

NOTE: This article discusses an outdated version of Capture One. To learn more about our latest version, click here.

I personally began using a Wacom tablet to work with Photoshop some time ago. It was more out of necessity as I found it simply too uncomfortable to use a mouse for long periods of time while retouching images.

Never looked back

It took me a couple of days to get used to it, but since then I have never looked back.

More recently I have begun to explore the Wacom preferences and added in some customization of the pen and the tablet, adding additional shortcuts I can use in Capture One Pro 7.

Customize more and work faster

Capture One Pro 7 already supports pressure sensitivity linked to the size of the Local Adjustment brush, but there is so much more you can do to leverage the various options in the Wacom preferences to use other features in the software.

I have found this is an additional way to work faster, as well as using keyboard shortcuts.

The following blog post was written based on using a Wacom Intuos 5 touch, which is similar to the more recent Intuos ‘Pro’ series.

Why use a Wacom Tablet?

I mentioned in the introduction that I moved from using a mouse for comfort reasons. In fact, even for non-imaging applications I still stick with the pen and tablet. I find it faster and easier to use.

If you haven’t tried out a graphics tablet before, then in my opinion it is certainly worth a trial. They consist of a touch and pressure sensitive tablet and a pen. The tablets are available in a variety of sizes with varying functionality, for example how many levels of sensitivity they may offer. You can read more about the Intuos here


All functionality of the pen and tablet is changed in system preferences (In this case on the Mac). Here, for example, we are looking at the various options available for the pen:


What I like about the customization options is that they can be application specific.

Note, in the ‘Application’ heading I have added Capture One Pro 7 as an application and all changes to the pen and tablet options will only be made for Capture One. I could continue to add other applications here. Applications that are not shown will use the options in the ‘All Other’ tab.

The tablet has a number of programmable shortcut keys, known as Express keys, while the pen has a two way rocker switch and also an ‘eraser’ on the end – more on that later!

The Pen

I only make a couple of changes to the Pen, namely on the rocker switch. I have this set to enter the ‘Radial Menu’ (more on that later) and to be able to Pan and Scroll.


Pan/Scroll means that when I hold the button down, and subsequently drag with the pen, I can scroll through the thumbnails, for example, and any other scroll action, like moving up and down a web page.

If this does not fit with your personal preference then you can see from the screen grab below, that there are a multitude of options available!


That’s indeed one of the strengths of the Wacom system. Pretty much any input option on the pen or tablet can be set to do a huge variety of actions.

The Tablet

The mind also boggles here with the number of customizable options you can make, but I limit myself to a few changes.

The tablet has a number of Express keys on the side of the tablet. These again can be set to do various different options and keystrokes. I don’t make extensive use of these as I always have my wireless keyboard close by. I do however use the Touch Ring and Radial Menu.

The Touch Ring

The Touch Ring is a touch sensitive scroll wheel that I mostly use for changing the size of the Local Adjustment brush. There is a keyboard shortcut in Capture One Pro 7, that also changes the size of the brush. This is [ and ] – The square brackets.

Therefore it is an easy task in the Touch Ring menu to add this keystroke to one of the Touch Ring options. You can have four different actions of the touch ring, by pressing the centre button to move between each one. Here is the setup page for adding the square bracket keystroke.


Now it is easy when I am working with Local Adjustments to keep one hand on the pen and my other hand on the Touch Ring to quickly alter brush size as I work around an image. The good news is that brush hardness can also be controlled by the shortcut Shift-] so to avoid having to enter the Local Adjustment brush dialog box, I can also use the Touch Ring to change hardness, by setting the Keystroke in a similar way.


See how fast it is to move round an image in this short video clip below. What I wanted to do for the title image was to lighten the background compared to the sculpture. I figured the easiest way to do this would be to mask the sculpture itself and then invert the mask.


Also in this clip, I choose to ‘clean’ up the mask using the erase brush. You can actually flip the Wacom pen upside down to automatically choose the eraser, but I actually find it faster to simply hit ‘e’ on the keyboard to select that option and then ‘b’ to return to brush.

If you would prefer to link brush size to pressure, then turn on the option in the Brush Settings dialog box. Access it by right-clicking while the brush tool is selected.

The Radial Menu

The Radial Menu brings up a floating circle of customizable options when you hit either one of the Express keys, or in my personal case, the top part of the rocker switch on the pen. It looks like this.


I have customized each segment with a useful command in Capture One Pro 7. For example creating variants, as you can see in the top and adjacent segment.

So to create a new variant, I click the rocker pen switch once, and then click on the segment itself. Each segment can be changed here.


I haven’t fully decided if this is faster than keyboard shortcuts or menu selections (one thing I find with a pen and tablet is that I can move much faster around my monitor area compared to a mouse), but it does give me another option.


One final mode that I have discovered recently is Precision Mode. If I want to draw more complex masks, it can often be a help.


I have set one of the Express Keys on the side of the tablet to activate this mode.


Initiating Precision Mode concentrates the area of the tablet into one section of the screen.


Therefore you can be extremely precise for mask drawing. You can adjust the size of the precision area too.


I hope you have found the above suggestions useful. I am sure there is more I could do to leverage the tablet even more, so I would be interested to hear if any of you have come up with some interesting ways to work with tablets and Capture One Pro 7.


Best regards,


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David Grover

David Grover is part of the Capture One team, bringing you help, advice and education on a variety of subjects and platforms. David can be found on most weeks delivering live Capture One Webinars or anytime on our YouTube Channel.

Comments (71)

Excellent timing I was given the Wacom Intuos Pro at Chrisitmas and the little I have used it has shown me how more comfortable it is in comparison to the mouse. I have been looking at how to set it up for Capture One now with this article I have a good start. Many thanks
Paul Lunnon

David Grover

Hi Paul,

Thats a nice present! If you find any other time saving options, please let us all know.


Excellent post, certainly agree with your statement about being more comfortable to use, as a sufferer of carpal tunnel syndrome I switched to a tablet some years ago and found that much easier to use, even trying a simpler version initially, would never return to a mouse afterwards.

David Grover

Hi Gerald,

My thoughts exactly. Certainly more comfortable and useful.


Thanks a lot David. Very helpful.

Hope all well.


Tryed to use your brush size tip. Using a wcom tablet 4M and CO 7 pro latest version. I programmed my tablets wheel function for the brush size like you showed with the square brakets [ and ]. The test showed it does not work nor directly via my keyboard I can not use square barckets to rezise my brush.

In went via text menue of CO7 I found the standard short cut to enlarge the brush is “oem6” and for the oposit “oemOpenBrackets”! But what is OEM and what OpenBrackets – there are round and squere ones….

David Grover

Hi Arthur,

It doesn’t sound like you have the default keyboard shortcuts set?

GoTo>Capture One>Edit Keyboard Shortcuts and see if you have the default selected.


Hi David,

what wacom tablet are you using? and what size?

David Grover

Hi Wim,

I have an Intuos 5 small, which I find is adequate for me as I can travel with it too.

I guess for serious retouching work you might want to go larger, but its personal preference. I used to have a larger one but I prefer the smaller one to be honest.


I love using wacom tablet both with PS and C1. If you use many adjustments locally it will bring your postprocessing to the new level. It’s more precise and you can do masking much faster. I miss some keyboard shortcuts though which I use in PS…

“/” to reaveal or hide a mask
“ctrl+space+click” to zoom in (I can press “h” and double click to have 100% view but it’s not enough
“alt+space” to zoom out
“alt+moving the wacom pen up/down” to change the brush size or softness

Would that be possible to introduce these shortcuts in the future updates?

David Grover

Hi Gregory,

M is our shortcut to show hide, the mask. You could always set an Express key on the Wacom to do that?

I like the sound of your other shortcuts and ill see if there is a way to program that!


Hi David!

Yep, I do use “CaptureOne Default” shortcut-settings.
I also do use the German language version of C1 and a German keyboard…



David Grover

Hi Arthur,

As a quick fix, you could redifine the local adjustment brush size to the Square Bracket – or anything else for that matter.

Go to the keyboard shortcut editor, hit the ‘Duplicate’ button at the top and that will create a new default set for you. The keystroke for the Local Adjustments is found under Shortcuts>Local Adjustments.


David, this is an epic tutorial! Precision mode made my life as a digital illustrator so much easier. I’d no idea the function existed until I read your post. Now I can detail to my heart’s content!

Looking forward to more workflow tips in the future, Cheers!

-Taylor Payton
Founder of

David Grover

Epic! 🙂 Thanks for the compliment.

I am sure I have only scratched the surface so looking forward to working more with it.


Thank you for putting this together; very helpful.

~Could you clarify how to make my brushes softer/harder.
~I do have ] and [ for size and it’s a wonderful shortcut.
~I am doing something wrong because I am unable to follow the instructions/tips on making the chose brush harder or softer.
~When time permits: can you give more step by step on how to make the brush harder or softer?

I will keep trying but your help would be appreciated.
Note: I can’t seem to enter ” Shift-[ ” into the location. Exactly where do I type ” Shift-[ ” ?

Many Thanks,

David Grover

Hi Bill,

My pleasure!

Basically you want to program the Touch Ring to mimic the keystroke of [ and ].

So first of all, decide which option in the Touch ring you want to configure (you can choose between four different actions) and choose ‘Keystroke’ in the drop down menu. Then you will get into the configuration window for entering [,] and/or Shift-[ / ].


Hi David – thanks for sharing this. I think that with the shared catalogues, the better default results and now this I am getting closer and closer to switching from Lightroom for a lot of my work.

I still need to learn more about some of the ways of working though yet!

David Grover

Hi James,

My pleasure! I am glad we are getting you closer to the switch!


Excellent tutorial as always David. Just finished watching the LuLa C1P7 videos.

Do you know if the newer Wacom Pen, and Pen and Touch such as this one work ok with Capture One? They’re very affordable!


David Grover

Hi Rob,

Yes, there would be no reason why you couldn’t use one of those tablets. I guess the main difference is that they don’t have the same level of pressure sensitivity.

But as that is a feature I don’t use… I wouldn’t miss it. 😉

They seem like a very good price!


Thanks David. I’ll put it on my Christmas list.

David Grover

That’s too long to wait… hit the one-click Amazon buy now. 😀

Haha. You’re a bad influence! My only concern is whether it will tax my aging iMac (2009 vintage) too much using the tablet along with C1. It’s a tempting price. Only a few months ago it was £80.

David Grover

Its just a glorified mouse really. I just had a quick look at the Activity monitor and it barely scratches the surface, so I shouldn’t worry.

Certainly a pleasure to use for any application, not just Capture One.


Robert Davis

Hi David – I finally bought one! I have a question though. I’m a little disappointed with the way it works in C1 compared to Lightroom. In Lightroom pressure sensitivity seems to be set to control the strength of the effect. For example if I have the brush set to -2 exposure then light pressure darkens a little, increasing pressure darkens towards -2. In C1 pen sensitivity seems to be set to brush size which is not what I want.

Can I change this? I want the pen to act the same way as it does in Lightroom. Thanks.

I’m really enjoying the Wacom but not the buggy driver software. I had to downgrade the software in order to get everything working. Judging from the Wacom forums I’m not the only one!

David Grover

Hi Robert,

Currently you can only link sensitivity to size. I agree what you suggest would be nice also.

As an alternative, set the brush to a low opacity and make multiple passes.

Yes, I find I have the odd issue with the driver. Normally, unplugging and replugging the tablet helps.


Yes, hopefully we’ll see the option to assign Opacity to pen pressure in version 8. It just makes more sense to me when editing photographs. Thanks.

You’ve convinced me. I think I’ll order one. Not quite sure how I’m going to hide this purchase from my wife. Though I’ll try and extol the virtues of using a tablet over a mouse 🙂

David Grover

I would advise RSI and say it was medical necessity. 🙂

Sounds like a plan! Thanks for your help.

I can’t seem to make the pan (hand) button work in capture one pro 7 with my Wacom intuos 4. Space bar works to bring up the pan tool as a keyboard shortcut and the pan/hand button on my Wacom works in all my adobe software so I know it’s not the tablet.
Any suggestions?

David Grover

Having you tried setting one of the quick keys to a space bar shortcut?

I am not at my Wacom right now, so I can’t check, but will do so when I am next in front of it.

Hi David,

Thank you for your reply.

I have to reprogrammed the ‘Pan’ ExpressKey to spacebar and this works.

The only problem is none of the other express keys are reprogrammable as ‘Shift’ ‘Command’ and ‘Option’ keys are non active and non responsive when I try to reassign them using my keyboard.

In fact ‘Pan’ is the only Expresskey that is now compatible and reprogrammable out of all 8 ExpressKeys with my version of Capture One pro. Which is now version ‘8’ as I have upgraded the licence.

Surely It would be better just to have the Wacom intous 4 PTK-840 fully compatible with the software in the first place? Rather than having to reprogram Keys for the software.

I’m running a macbook pro Retina display with OS X Yosemite version 10.10.1 if that helps you solve this problem.

Though this problem has occurred throughout all my upgraded operating systems since purchasing Capture One Pro 7.

The tablet Is also fully compatible with all the latest Adobe photographic software, So I know its not a fault on the tablets part..

Any suggestions on a patch or any fixes for this problem?

David Grover

Hi James,

I am not sure I fully understand?

On my wacom settings I can program any of the express keys to Opt, Shift, CMD etc.


Hi, really thorough article, thanks.

I recently changed my old Intuos 3 6×8 for an equally old 9×12, I (mistakenly) assumed that all my settings would be instantly available on the new tablet since they are using the same driver, but I was wrong.

I have pen clicks and Expresskeys set up for almost every application I use and I’m almost positive that there has to be a way to have this “new” same model-different size tablet be able to see them without me having to manually create them all over.

I tried restoring using the Wacom utility but it did no good. Do you have any ideas for me to try?


David Grover

Hmm that’s a good question David, and I think I experienced the same issue some time ago.

You would hope there would be some way to export!

Have you tried to ask Wacom?


Fábio José

David ,
I just bought mine first Intuos and this post is being very useful.

I am very Happy with the support and mentoring provided by Phase One and has helped a lot in my learning of image processing.


David Grover

Thanks Fabio!

Wonderful guide! Thank you so much for taking the time to make it as well as respond to all the comments so diligently!

Per Nordlund

Thank you very much for this manual on how to use a tablet wih C1! It convinced me that it’s a necessity after having worked with a regular mouse or a roller mouse. It’s a pity that the Wacom Tablets are so expensive even used on eBay!

I’m not a professional photographer just an “enthusiast” with limited financial resources.

I have found an alternative in the Huion Tablets and I’ve bought the H58L. It has the same sensitivity and resolution as the Wacom Pro tablet. The size is a little smaller than the Pro M (about 5cm on each side) but bigger than the Pro S. It has no touch or tilt function that I think is unnecessary functions for retouching. The pen has an inbuilt battery or you can buy as an extra a rechargable pen. The price for this tablet is less than a fourth of the Wacom.

If you like me is on Windows you can download a free program called “RadialMenu”. This program I think is more advanced than the program that comes with the Wacom.

If you really want a Wacom there is of course also the smaller more affordable Intous Pen Tablet, but it’s smaller than the Huion and it has less resolution and sensitivity.

I bought the tablet from Amazon of guarantee reasons. It comes with the battery pen. I’ve also ordered the extra rechargeable pen directly from China with free freight.

Thank you again for a very nice and inspiring manual!

Per Nordlund

EDIT: There are of course other alternatives to the Wacom than Huion and Huion also has other well reviewed models. One of them is the H610 Pro that’s about the same size as the Wacom Pro M. This model has 8 express keys and 16 function keys on the tablet screen that makes the radial menu superfluous. It comes with the rechargeable pen as standard. Keyboard shortcuts are an equally good alternative to these keys on the tablet though! Wacom has become an industry standard but now when there are good alternatives I think they are very overpriced!

Per Nordlund

The free “RadialMenu” program I’m referring to you can find on

and on

No idea if you still see comments to your post….
You convinced me! Some time ago I finally decided to ‘invest’ in a Intuos Pro 5 tablet and as you said, I hated it for 24hrs and since then I love it. I do have one problem: In CO8 I just cannot figure out how to move the handles in either levels or curve. I place the pen e.g. on the 255 mark and try to move it in but it just does not work. Trying again and again then sometimes I accidentally hit the right spot and it does work but on the next image the trouble starts again….I now do everything with the tablet but when it comes to adjusting levels or curves I change back to the mouse and do it that way. What am I doing wrong??? Any idea? Thanks Peter

David Grover

Yes I do Peter!

Ok, that’s strange, I don’t have any issue in moving the handles at all. You don’t have an issue with any of the other sliders?

If you can, I would video the issue and make a support case. It will be hard to advise without seeing it in action!


Thanks David
Sometimes it is enough to talk about things… I concentrated on the Wacom tablet and pen settings. The problem however was a Windows mouse setting. All works fine now.

David Grover

Yes, Windows can mess with the Wacom settings!

Peter, could you share your solution? I’m experiencing the same problem – unable to select the level sliders (Capture One 8, Windows 10, Intuous Art tablet).

Found the setting. You need to locate “Pen and Touch Settings” in Windows first (open Settings, then search in the bar at the top right).

What worked for me was disabling the “Press and Hold” option to right-click.

Richard Simonse


I have a question about the screen mode.
I bought the Wacom Cintiq 22HD and some programs like
Zbrush don’t fit on my screen anymore….they show up much to big!
Any idea how I could change the screen mode so it fits on my screen….?

David Grover

HI Richard,

I think it would be better if you directed that question to Wacom. I don’t have any experience with the Cintiq.


Thanks for the post. Do you know how to toggle off precision mode?
with gratitude,

David Grover

Precision mode can be assigned to one of the buttons on the wacom tablet.

Pressing the button turns it on and off.



*~*~*~*CreEeeEeEeEeeeepy Photo*~*~*~*

It would be nice if the pen pressure could control the opacity rather than the brush size. Then you could dodge and burn by varying amounts depending on how hard you press.

Hi, I installed an Intuos Pro on Windows and I’m trying to assign the [ and ] keys but when I press “Alt Gr + ]”, the driver inputs “{Ctrl}[Alt})” as the touch keys instead. Do you know any way I can input just “[” or “]” alone ?

I have the same problem, and this is the only question that is not answered. Great!.

I have the same problem, and this is the only question that is not answered. Great!

David Grover

Hey Deecky,

You should only need to add the [ or ] symbol? Or am I misunderstanding?



Press the Clear /Effacer button and just press the [ key

Yes, but to publish the “]” key I have to press the Alt+Gr key at the same time, so what the software does is register that keystroke as “Ctrl + Alt + )”, as shown in the screenshot, instead of just “]” alone.

Hello David,
thanks for this very nice article.
I have one problem with “use pen pressure”. It doesn’t work for me (C1pro 9.01, Mac OS X 10.11.2 and Wacom driver 6.3.15-2). I use a iMac 5k, latest model and an intuos5 touch. Other software recognises the pen pressure. Is there something more I need to do than only checking “Use pen pressure”?

Milan Podsedly

Hello David
I am trying to use my Wacom tablet for editing in Capture One vers. 9. I always had this problem and I am not able to solve it. When using pen to adjust sliders (For example Color temperature) after I adjust slider and move pen away from tablet, slider most of time still moves in a direction I am moving pen away from tablet. There is no option to assign left click to pen buttons, it makes it almost impossible to move sliders precisely with pen. Any idea how to fix this?

David Grover

Hmm thats an odd error. Are you on Windows or Mac?

I don’t have any issue with using my Wacom to adjust sliders in Capture One.

Also – are you on the latest Wacom drivers? They have made a lot of updates in the past year.

Great webinar today David on Wacom Tablets! Do you know if retouching works equally as well on Capture One Pro when using an iPad Pro/Apple Pencil and the well-reviewed Astropad app? Is there any functionality missing when compared to using a Wacom tablet? Thanks!

Willie Fagan

Hi, thanks for the post – great info.
A question I have and can’t resolve.
If I view an image at say 300%, how can I move around the image using a wacom? What settings do I need on my pen/pad.
If I set it to pan/scroll, all it does it make the picture bigger or smaller. I want to navigate around the large image.

Please help.

David Grover

Hi Willie,

Only way is to hold the space bar to navigate as you say.


Hello, hello! Appreciate the article – can you tell me how to exit Precision Mode? I keep having to restart my computer if I turn it on. My driver is updated and I can’t figure it out. Would love some help. Thank you!

David Grover

Hi Kaly,

Just tap the same button on the Wacom again. If that is not working, ask the good people at Wacom support. I can’t think of a reason why it shouldn’t work.

You could also see if your Wacom driver is up to date!