Benefits of shooting tethered

  • Extensive camera control, including autofocus control and manual focus override

  • Wide-ranging USB-tethering camera support for major brands

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) tethering camera support for Canon and Sony

  • Automatic camera detection with exceptional reliability and stability

  • High-speed image transfer and display

Extensive camera control

Wired (USB) tethering

Captureone20 Fujifilm BTS 1

Wireless (Wi-Fi) tethering

Captureone22 Wireless Tethering BTS Ausrababiedaite 8

Enhanced tethering engine

Captureone22 Wireless Tethering BTS Stilllife Ausrababiedaite 3010Px

Live View (LV) support

Automatic download & integration

Captureone20 Fujifilm BTS 13 (1)

Capture Pilot app