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10 photographers who create impact through photography

Explore the works of ten inspiring photographers who document—and influence—the world through photography

“The painter constructs, the photographer discloses.”
― Susan Sontag, On Photography

In contemporary society, there is no other form of communication that moves us to the same extent as photography. It is a universal language – shaping the way we understand people, history and the world around us.

Countless important moments – from the everyday to the awe-inspiring – have been captured by photography– often with world-altering results. Photographers have not only documented history but helped shape it as well.

To celebrate World Photography Day – and because we’re passionate about the subject – we wanted to share the work of 10 photographers who inspire us by creating impact through their visual storytelling.


Sarah Buthmann – Social impact

Collaborating with various NGO’s, including organizations for women’s rights in India and LGBTQIA+ rights in The Gambia, Sarah Buthmann harnesses the powerful visual impact of photography to illuminate social issues. In her latest campaign – Save My Sister – photography becomes a transformative and healing medium of self-expression for victims of domestic violence.

View more of Sarah’s work here:


Brandon Laurent – Beauty Impact

With his stunning and sensuous portrayals of masculine beauty, Brandon Laurent flips the classic tropes of beauty and fashion photography, pushing us to think beyond the confines of traditional ideas of beauty and gender.

View more of Brandon’s work here:


Jennifer Adler – Scientific impact

A self-described “science storyteller”, Jennifer Addler, is a photojournalist and marine ecologist who has spent her career travelling the world documenting aquatic ecosystems, using photography to educate about science and conservation.

View more of Jennifer’s work here:


Ulf Svane – Urban Impact

Driven by a love for Copenhagen, Ulf Svane’s Copenhagen Archive seeks to preserve a lasting memory of its historic sites and the people who inhabit them. Along the way he documents a changing urban landscape where the impact of rapid development, gentrification, relocation and closure prompts us to ask ourselves which kind of city we want to live in in the future.

View more of Ulf’s work here:


Natasha Gerschon – Storytelling Impact

Traversing the boundaries between imagination and reality, identity and fantasy, Natasha Gerschon’s surrealist imagery opens up new avenues of visual storytelling. In her Alice in Wonderland series, she explores ideas of freedom and dreams as spaces in which to break free from the constraints of society.

View more of Natasha’s work here:


Federicio Ianaccone – Culture Impact

Federico Iannaccone’s depiction of ordinary life in Iran captures an intimate glimpse of people’s everyday lives beyond the geopolitical tensions dominating world news – showing a very different side of existence against the backdrop of political change.

View more of Federico’s work here:


Michelle Watt – Identity Impact

Drawing on her own experiences as a Chinese American woman, Michelle Watt’s photography addresses themes of belonging and displacement, freedom and restriction in regards to cultural and sexual identity.

View more of Michelle’s work here:


Zoe Noble – Feminist Impact

For fashion and beauty photographer Zoe Noble, photography is also a powerful storytelling platform to share the experiences and stories of people embracing a life without children. What started as a potrait series has evolved into a global community – We are Childfree – committed to fighting stereotypes and strict gender roles and creating a world in which everyone is empowered to make their own choices.

Read more about We are Childfree here:


Bob Cervas – Emotional Impact

Bridging the boundary between our visual and internal selves, Bob Cervas uses photography as an outlet of self-discovery and self-expression – exploring issues of mental health and emotional wellbeing, and breaking taboos in the process.

View more of Bob’s work here:


Curtis Jones – Environmental Impact

Immersing himself in some of the most extreme environments on the planet, Curtis Jones documents the raw and dynamic beauty of nature, against the backdrop of a changing climate. From remote regions of Canada to the Gobi Desert, his work captures glimpses of the natural world we rarely get the chance to experience.

View more of Curtis’s work here:

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