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How Quentin Décaillet delivers images faster with Capture One Live 

Plate of food by Quentin Decaillet. Images shared using collaboration tool Capture One Live

As we come out of lockdown, many have discovered new ways of working that better suit a post-pandemic world where remote collaboration is the new norm and clients expect to be connected throughout the process. Capture One Live is the latest tool to help photographers like Quentin Décaillet work smarter, faster, and closer with their clients in a new reality.

“I regularly shoot for a hotel. Every three months I go there to shoot a new menu,” says beauty and product photographer and Capture One ambassador Quentin Décaillet.

“The art director that takes care of the shoots for the hotel isn’t always on set. The last time I was there, they instead had someone from the agency present.” He explains that because the agency rep had other tasks and was not able to stay on the set at all times, he shared his shoot with them through Capture One Live.

Side by side images of plates of food Right image shows a man pouring sauce on the plate. Images shared using collaboration tool Capture One Live

“While they were moving around in the hotel, they could keep checking and make sure everything was on schedule and looking good. The art director, who was in Geneva two hours from the set, could also check the images and let me know if he wanted something different, more shots, or come with ideas shot on the spot. That was extremely useful.”

Shoot, share, collaborate

Designed with workflow in mind, Capture One Live lets photographers share photos with colleagues and clients in real-time without the hassle of exporting the images from Capture One and uploading to a file storage platform. It all stays within Capture One Pro.

With a link to the collection, clients and collaborators can rate the photos as they come in anywhere and on any device with a browser, helping the photographer meet their expectations without being in the same room or even the same time zone.

Saving time and money

In the light of the pandemic when remote work was often the only option, many companies and professionals have seen benefits and come to appreciate the time and money saved on travel by being able to collaborate remotely without losing the proximity to the work and influence on the result.

“It’s definitely something that has changed with COVID,” says Quentin.

“So many productions are now seeing that they can save money by not sending people on set and have alternative ways to double-check the images and make sure everything is going smoothly.”

Side by side images of plates of food. Images shared using collaboration tool Capture One Live

According to Quentin, clients nowadays also expect to be connected and be in close contact throughout the whole process.  “They expect this way of working and having it available, clean, and easy for me and for them to use.”

“Even if they are on set, sometimes I have more than one art director working with me for a single shoot. So just being able to have one on set while another can check the images remotely, that’s great. It’s definitely a big plus, and I think clients are happy that we can offer this option as well.”

Capture One Live is the first in a line of coming updates from Capture One that will improve the workflow for professional photographers. The tool, which will be continuously improved, is designed to better serve the needs of the photography community and make remote collaboration as seamless as possible.

Learn more about how to get and use Capture One Live here.

Quentin Decaillet
Quentin Décaillet

Quentin Décaillet is a product and beauty photographer based in Switzerland. His endless curiosity and hunger for learning new things have led Quentin to create a unique paradoxical visual style. Bold, contrasty, and vivid, his imagery is a combination of his deep passion for art and technology. When Quentin is not working on a project, you’ll most likely find him trying new techniques to push his art further.

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