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Seven reasons to update to the latest version of Capture One Pro

Starting April 5, you can explore automatic keystone correction, new sorting options, longer Capture One Live sessions, and other improvements to speed up your workflow with the latest version of Capture One Pro. Here are seven reasons to update your software today.

1. Get perfectly straight lines with the new and improved Keystone tool

Getting perfectly straight lines can be tricky when you’re trying to capture a tall building, the distant horizon or mesmerizing geometrical shapes. In these cases, the enhanced Keystone tool can help you easily correct any crooked lines or perspective distortion.

Previously, the Keystone tool let you straighten your lines by using vertical and horizontal sliders or using cursor markers to pinpoint lines that should be parallel.

The newest version of Capture One Pro offers a brand new way of using the tool by introducing automatic correction, driven by AI, to get you perfectly straight lines every time.

The new keystone tool is split into two panels for easier editing

Make vertical, horizontal, or full Keystone corrections using line detection to speed up and improve workflows and efficiency when you need straight lines in your images. A new “skew” slider has also been added to give more range to your manual adjustments.

Keen observers will also notice that the Keystone tool has received a facelift. To make it easier to apply corrections and tweak the results, the tool has been split into two panels. Thanks to an improved design that activates when moving the guides, the Keystone guides are also easier to place.

2. Faster loading and rendering on your M1 Mac (Apple Silicon)

Owners of Apple M1 machines will see huge improvements to the speed of their workflow after updating to the latest version of Capture One Pro. Preview generation, Luma Mask rendering, and Feather and Refine Masks now load faster than ever. If you are the owner of a Fujifilm camera with a X-Trans sensor, you will also notice up to 100% faster loading of your images.

3. Improved Auto Rotate

Updating your software will get you better results when using Auto Rotate, especially on images with clear horizons.

4. More intuitive crop aspect ratio

When changing the aspect ratio through the Crop tool, the Crop will instantly snap to the new ratio.

5. Get easier access to your favorite tools in drop-down Menu

Previously, some important functionalities could only be found by long-pressing icons in the drop-down menu. The latest update includes a redesign of the icons and drop-down menu to make your favorite tools and options quick to find and easy to use.

6. Customize your sorting

Capture One Pro has always sorted images by name as a default. This is not optimal when shooting with multiple cameras. After updating your software, you will be able to set custom default sort criteria as well as direction.

7. Share your images for longer with 14-day sessions in Capture One Live

Live Sessions can now last up to 14 days, giving your clients, collaborators, or colleagues more time to preview and rate your images on their browser before you export them from Capture One Pro.

Update and get on the latest version of Capture One Pro here. 

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Comments (14)

Noel Mount

Thanks for the Latest update…. C1 Just ROCKS

Thanks 🙏 great improvements 👍


I have a perpetuallicense and received this e-mail announcing the latest CO 22 pro upgrade. I saw David´s Grover presentation (Youtube april 5/2022) but I did not get any new key in order to upgrade mi software in my Macmini M1. I have looked the different License key which are in my account but no one works. I don´t know what to do. I am sorry, I have had this problem also in the past. I will be patient until I receive any advise. Thank you so much. Best regards, Tomas Wilde

Hi Tomas,
Please follow this link to get in touch with our support team that will be able to help you

Capture One Team

Thank you for all the constant improvements. Hope at some point to see improved skin retouching tools, like adding smoothing or softening of skin to tools like uniformity.

Hi, thank you for your valuable feedback.
Capture One Team

Nurur Rahman Khan

I am interested to buy the upgrade –I use capture one pro 22

Hi, you will find all information about how to upgrade in the following link

Capture One Team

Afshin Chamasmany

Having worked with Aperture & Lightroom, Capture One is by fare more intuitive & well designed application for working in photography. I’m very pleased with logical & comprehensive tools and methods of Capture One, & its seamless integration with MacOS.
Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback and nice words. We are happy to hear that Capture One fits your workflow.
Best, Capture One Team

Steve Beats

I switched to C1 a few years ago, primarily to get away from Adobe when they introduced subscriptions. The learning curve was a bit steep at first but I slogged up it in the end. I’m so glad I switched! Even if Adobe reverted to straight s/w purchases again, I would never switch back. It’s Capture One all the way for me. You’re doing a darn fine job folks – keep at it 🙂


Thank you so much, Steve! That means a lot to us. We’ll do our best to keep it that way 😀

Steve Chadwick

Capture One colors are hands down amazing. How files are handled though and the ease of use as compared to Lightroom – if the C1 developers spent time here, this would make C1 unstoppable. The Lightroom interaction with the filesystem is just so much more intuitive and flexible.


Hi Steve,

We really appreciate the feedback! I will pass it on to our product team.

All the best,
Mariann, Capture One

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