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A Shortcut to the Ultimate Image Quality

Capture One has a multitude of keyboard shortcuts that can facilitate fast navigation around the software. These normally perform functions that would otherwise have to be done with the mouse or by selecting menu items. Shortcut keys can be a real time saver in day to day use of the software and spending time to learn them or create your own set can be very worthwhile.

Editing keyboard shortcuts

Capture One comes with a default set of keyboard shortcuts, however, you may wish to edit these shortcuts to fit with your own familiarity of shortcut keys. This is easily achieved in the Keyboard Shortcuts editor.

Within Capture One, go to Capture One>Edit Keyboard Shortcuts and the following menu will appear:

Begin by Duplicating the current set of shortcuts as the Default set cannot be edited.

Choose a name for the new Shortcut set, and now you can begin to edit the available shortcuts.

Just expand a subsection of shortcuts and double click on the shortcut you want to edit.

Then, simply press the desired keyboard shortcut. If the new shortcut is currently in use by another action, a warning is displayed at the bottom of the menu, but the selection of this new shortcut is not prevented.

Press Enter on the keyboardto save the shortcut.

If you want to change back to the default set, simply choose Default from the drop down menu.

The Image Quality Professor
The Image Quality Professor

The digital pioneer, Niels V. Knudsen, is Phase One’s Image Quality Professor and founder of the IQP blog. Moreover, he is responsible for breakthrough advancements in image quality both in Phase One’s medium format camera systems and in Capture One Pro.

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Some shortcuts select a tool that has multiple variants like, for instance, the keystone tool. There is horizontal, vertical and both. However repeatedly pressing the shortcut (K in this example) does not cycle through the three variants. So I must use the mouse for that. It would be nice to cycle through the variants.

I think Photoshop works that way.

Fotograaf Gerald,
I too had this issue before. Often times I find myself working from my wacom tablet. When doing so, I try to use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible. For some reason or another, my wacom makes the top toolbar in capture one spaz out!? Well, it did awhile back. Again, I avoid it at all costs.

To get to the tools buried beneath the top tool, try the following:

Hit V to select Select. To drill down to the Trash, hold Shift followed by two V clicks. You should now have the trash selected without going to the toolbar!

This is a great thing to me. Again, My wacom tablet used to give that top toolbar fits. It would go into spazzes and was near impossible for me to select tools. This was rough when trying to work fast.



Have you ever had green highlighted area show up on some possible hot spots..?new iMac with capture one… Never had this old computer?

Hi Christine,

It sounds like you have swithced on the Focus Mask tool. The focus mask tool highlights the areas of the photo which are in focus, and allows you to quickly chech the focus in your images.

I hope this explains the issue.

All the best,


Wondering where the newly created shortcut file lives. I would like to keep it on a drive along with my photoshop actions to customize any computer i am working on…
Thank you!

Hi Robert,

Are you using PC or Mac?

All the best,