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Ch-ch-changes by Adrian Weinbrecht

So what’s next? You’ve got your raw images loaded into Capture One Pro 7, now what?

Now it’s time to set up your workspace, choose your tools and get creative! Capture One Pro 7 gives you a huge range of tools and choices, but which tools do you really need to use every day?

In this Workflow Tutorial Part II I will go through how I set up the various computers I have running Capture One Pro 7. Believe it or not the tools I use most, can be contained in one tool tab. Life is better when it’s simple.

Capture One Pro 7 makes great photography easier.


Please feel free to post any questions or comments you might have.

Check out “Data Love Part I” here and see how I set up a session, name, import and rate it in Capture One Pro 7


Thanks for watching.


Warmest wishes

Adrian Weinbrecht


Adrian Weinbrecht
Adrian Weinbrecht

Adrian Weinbrecht is one Europe’s best established commercial advertising photographers and shoots for a diverse range of top-tier international clients like Sony, UBS, BBC, Jaguar Land Rover, Adidas.

Comments (22)

Chris Hatten

Simply to say that this is an excellent tutorial. Full of detail and very well explained.



Adrian Weinbrecht

Hey Chris

Thanks for the kind feedback, I really appreciate it.

I recently purchased some tutorial videos for some other software, I found them quite confusing.

So I’ve tried make these tutorials as clear as possible.


Chris Hatten


Have just started to re-arrange my workflow tabs and tools in a similar way to you described and Capture One Pro has crashed twice. I installed OSX Mavericks yesterday and have submitted a report to Phase One. Oh well!


Adrian Weinbrecht

Hi Chris

I’m really sorry to hear that. We make a rule to never make any major OS changes until they’ve been out for at least 3x months. I know this doesn’t help you, but it’s not a bad policy to adopt.


Well done, Thanks for all the helpful info!

greetings Andrew

Well done, I know why I love Capture One’s flexibility so much! 🙂



Great tutorials for CO! I’ve been satisfied with my editing workflow for a while now, but I took a lot of good stuff away regarding file naming and overall organization.

RE: Mavericks; I know it’s a risky position but I’ve always been an early adopter of new software. I keep my critical apps on my wife’s MBP and make her wait to update, lol. So far, my CO7 has been stable with Mavericks and I have worked a couple tethered sessions with it.

Hopefully Chris will be able to get stable quickly.

Mr. Weinbrecht, it would be a huge asset if you considered doing a dedicated tutorial on the Color Balance, and Skin Tone editing tools. Everything I’ve seen on them is still quite cryptic.



Adrian Weinbrecht

Hi Chawn

I tend to take my time with software. My Dad is a mechanical engineer and we were bought up being told that the end of model car was usually the best, as most of the bugs had been ironed out over millions of miles by various drivers. Having said that I do tend to be an early adopter of hardware I’ve already go 2x new Mac Pro’s on order………. I think I also picked up one of the earliest Phase One DF+ bodies.

Now in regards to your requests for the Colour Balance and Skin Tone editing tools, let me have a chat with some of the crazy Danes at Phase One to see if this is possible.

Thanks again

Adrian aka Mr Weinbrecht : )

Thanks in advance just for looking into it!
I do think you’re the wiser on the software stance; I’m admittedly impetuous. And yes, the Mac Pro is on my radar, as well.

In any case, I hope Phase One taps into you and your tutorial style as much as they can. You have a knack for clarifying things and Phase needs that, given their educational resources aren’t on par with the size of Adobe’s.



Great tutorials, really helpful. I’m just on the 60 trial so its great to see what it can do – loving ç1 more each time.

Thanks for taking the time to explain in understandable detail how you use the many features in capture one.
Most tutorials on you tube are done in 60 seconds or less with picture quality that is so poor you can’t even seen where the cursor is and you can’t even understand all the technical words that are being said.
One question…….When you boost the blue saturation for the sky in the color editor, the shadow on the ladies left side of her neck turns rather bluish grey. Is this acceptable for your editing, or do you do a little photo shopping to the shadow area of her neck?

Adrian Weinbrecht

Hi Greg

I personally didn’t see any issues with the side of Michele’s face in terms of colour, sometimes web compression can do strange things. It looked great here and has already been printed to very large posters.

But, if we had something that we couldn’t deal with in C1 then of course we would look at further retouching.

Thanks for posting


Not the face, but the neck shadow is what I was referring to. But as you say, the internet compressions may be what my monitor is showing.
Regardless……..excellent job with your tutorials, your voice is easy to hear and picture quality is great as well as your processing of images with capture one.
Looking for your next tutorial(s).

Kevin Cole

Magic tutorial Adrian. Well thought out and easy to follow. Best and most informative I have seen in ages.

You can create a layer mask for the color editor. I use Adv. Color Editor sometimes by painting a mask for the blue background, for instance, but not painting the shadow area…

With C1-7 and Win7, I have trouble with “View selected color range” showing the color I will work with on my layer/mask. If I want to check what will be affected, I go to global color editor on the color tool tab, take a look there, and then go back to layers to make the change.

I figure the basic color editor can be used the same way; I just haven’t tried it.

This was supposed to be a reply to Greg but I somehow fell out of the nest.

Thank you very much for this great tutorial! So much information, great!!
I really like to copy settings from one picture to other simliar pictures. Saves a lot of time for me.

But there is one question left: Most of the time I apply the removal of CA, it works great. All the time I copy this specific setting to the next picture, the “Analyze” command is not started again. You know what I mean, the CA settings from a different lens is copied to an other picture of a different lens, what, of course is wrong.

What am i doing wrong?

Adrian Weinbrecht

Hi Bernhard

I don’t actually use CA correction on a regular basis, it might have something to do with me spending too much money on German designed lenses………. : )

Please let me explore your question further and get back to you?

Thank you also for the positive feedback.

I’ll be in touch when I can answer your question about CA more fully.



Dear Adrian,

I have the same high requirements in lenses than you have, Z… and L…
But I am shooting Landscape, mabye this is the difference. And I don’t want to judge my work on a per picture basis, if CA removal is necessary or not. And even when I can’t see any visible CA, almost always I recognise a higher sharpness after CA correction. Capture One does a great job here.
Maybe your very useful contacts can help is this specific ‘problem’. 🙂


Hi Adrian,
I’am using caputure one for some years. Your tutorials show me whats capture one is able to to and how my workflow can be improved. Thanks for that, it is clear and really helpful.

Kind regards from Germany


P.s. thanks for the hint to maverick. Was thinking about to install it as well.

Adrian Weinbrecht

Danke Heinz

I love Germany, maybe it’s something to do with my surname : )

A x

John Watts

I really appreciate your help with these tutorials. I have slowly fumbled my way through many of the adjustments but I did struggle with the filing system in particular before having a look at these videos.

Now to find the time to get stuck into more of my photos.

Thanks again
John (North Coast NSW)