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Getting started with Capture One Pro 8

This week we have the pleasure of featuring another one of our talented Ambassadors on the blog.

Join Craig Beckta, professional portrait photographer, on a guided tour to Capture One. Watch him go through the interface and some of the most important features – all you need to get up and running with Capture One Pro 8.

“I used to be a helicopter mechanic in the Airforce for 20 years prior to being a full-time photographer. One of the things they stressed was using the right tools for the right job and that always kind of stuck with me. I’ve tried lots of different software, but for me Capture One seems to be the right tool for the job”, says Craig Beckta.

Also check out my photography tutorials at Youtube. They have been viewed over a “1.4 Million” times in 193 Countries around the World!

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Craig Beckta
Craig Beckta

Craig Beckta is a Professional Portrait Photographer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He recently co-hosted a Portrait Lighting Workshop with Peter Hurley. Craig also shares his Love of Photography via his YouTube Channel. He currently has over 70 Free Photography Tutorials on YouTube check them out:

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Before the “death” of Aperture, I’m planteandome use this software in the future. Is there any way to see Spanish subtitles of the videos that you have published .


Tel kirton

Hi all,
Will you be doing a video on how to use Noise and sharpening for DSLR Raw files like Nikons NEF, I’m sometimes having to go to LR to correct noise levels, I might be using this part of Capture 8 in the wrong way.

Regards Tel…