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Peng-Wai Wong

What about using a camera that is not supported by Capture One Pro 9? I use the Olympus E-PL6 and I can’t load the RAW files shot by this (unsupported) camera into Capture One Pro. Any way around that issue?

The Image Quality Professor

Hi Peng-Wai Wong,

Sorry for the delayed response. If you convert the files to DNG, Capture One would be able to read the files.

All the best,

If a lens profile is not included for a lens that has been shifted, is it possible for me to create my own profile to use with the movement settings in the lens correction tool? I can understand how a profile could be built for a tech camera lens, but how about a tilt shift lens such as the Canon/Nikon TS lenses where it isn’t possible to view the full image circle without stitching frames together?

The Image Quality Professor

Hi Barton,

Sorry for the late reply. Even with a generic profile you are able to specify the XY movement, which will guide the software for adding light fall-off correction as well as when performing chromatic aberration analysis and correction. You can save this as a preset for this specific movement for the lens.

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Henrik Wessmann


Coming from LR where the list of lenses where allways up to date I wonder what I should expect from CO in terms of time it generally takes from a lens is on the market til when I can find the lens in CO ?

I am thinking of AF-S NIKKOR 300MM F/4E PF ED VR which I have in my bag.



Hi Nils, thanks for the write up!

Unfortunately, I can’t get the “Movements” tool to work.

I am using C1 (10.0.1) on a Macbook running macOS 10.12.2: I am using the Samyang 24mm f3.5 Tilt-Shift lens on my Sony Alpha 7.
In order to correct for the pronounced barrel distortion this lens produces when shifted, I enter the proper shift distance in the Lens Correction tool’s “Movement” tab and then add around 20% distortion in the “Lens” tab of the same tool. This corrects the distortion perfectly, great job C1!

Unfortunately, as soon as I do this, the histogram, levels, and curve tools do not show graphics anymore. The color picker also doesn’t show values above the preview. Also, if I click into the image with the color picker tool, C1 processor load goes up to 400% and the software becomes very unresponsive. As soon as I set the “Movements” tab values all back to zero, everything is fine and working properly again.

P1 support only suggested to work without histograms etc, which is not a viable option of course.

I also tried disabling OpenCL, to no avail.

I also tried using the “Movements” tab with other RAW files (Leaf Credo .IIQ, Olympus .ORW), with the same bad results. So, it seems to be a general problem with the Lens Correction tool and not specific to Sony .ARW files.

How can I use the “movements” tab properly?



Paul Gsell

Hi Niels,
Is there a chance that the Nikkor lens AF-S 18-35mm/3.5-4.5 G ED will bei added to the list of corrected lenses in CO Pro 10. I am using this fantastic wide-angle zoom lens on my Nikon D750. Meanwhile, do you recommend using the “Generic” profile or the one for the “Nikkor AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR”?

The Image Quality Professor

We are constantly adding more lens profiles to Capture One. Currently, however, I’m unable to say when the Nikkor AF-S 18-35mm/3.5-4.5 ED will be added. But in the meantime, I would recommend that you use the generic lens profile. With this profile, you may need to adjust a number of settings to cover the zoom range and your aperture range. If your lens at a given zoom range primarily shows either barrel or pincushion distortion, then simply select one of the Generic profiles and use the distortion slider to minimize the distortion. Typically, wide zooms also show quite a bit of chromatic aberration. This you can fix by clicking on the Chromatic Aberration option in the Lens Correction Tool. Your image will now be analysed, and a Chromatic Aberration correction for your lens is made. Next, save a Lens Correction pre-set with both the Distortion and the Chromatic Aberration correction. Finally, you’ll need to name the pre-set, for e.g. “Nikon 18-35mm at 18mm f8”. If you are primarily shooting landscapes using the lens at, for instance f8 – then you can expect to be able to use this pre-set in the range of 5.6 – 11.

Diego Martinčić

Hi Niels
I wonder if there is an option for GoPro lens profile, I shot in jpeg and the lens correction is not available. I need to crop, straight and correct the distortion, finally export to FHD (we did a 2 year timelapse every minute with 4 Gopro)

Roman Mensing

Hi Niels,
Thank you for your trick to determine the movements in a LCC shot. I wonder if there would be an even more direct approach. Movements on a technical camera and the Rodenstock 23mm (which comes with considerable distortion) are part of my daily tool box. Any device that would directly and clearly depict the relative movements off center could be helpful. Would you please support me in trying a pinhole lens cap? How does the off center distance in the resulting photo relate to the figures used in the C1 tool?
Thanks, Roman