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BTS video: Stay on top of your game

High-end retoucher Pratik Naik shares his passion for retouching and explains why Capture One Pro has become “an industry standard”:

Photographs: Emotional pieces of art

To Pratik Naik, photographs can be defined as very emotional pieces of art. Personally, Capture One Pro is equal with the best result when delivering that vision to a customer, which is why he’s now been using it for about six years.

His explanation of why Capture One Pro has become the foundation of what professionals do every day is simply that the software is efficient but also very capable.

“Fashion photographers on set, they’re using it on a day-to-day basis because it’s industry standard, I mean.. If you’re using something else, you’re probably not on the top of your game”. – Pratik Naik

Nowadays, everyone has a camera, but one must not forget that photography is an art and with the right tools, you can express your own personal appearance.

Colors and connections

Pratik Naik’s favorite part about Capture One Pro is that the color tools give him the ability to make him feel like he’s actually there, when he’s looking at a picture. The fact that each camera has a specific profile that’s designed for Capture One makes the pictures unique, which is very hard not to appreciate.

“It makes sense right away, it feels like it connects the second we see that image pop up on the screen.. and how beautiful its colors are an how beautiful the texture is.. It feels like you’re right there in the moment” – Pratik Naik

From a photographer’s perspective

As the full BTS video states, Capture One Pro is not only an important tool for the retoucher, but also for the photographer.

For example, Capture One Pro 9 enables you to get essential file information and to obtain the right colors and skin tones in order to come very close to the final look, an important and straight-forward process to photographer Jonas Jensen.

Watch the full BTS video from the photoshoot with professional photographer Jonas Jensen:

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Pratik Naik
Pratik Naik

Pratik is a commercial and editorial high-end retoucher with a passion for pixels. His obsession with retouching is a passion and profession. Being able to harness the potential of RAW files and see it through to fruition gives him a lot of joy. This joy comes from the ability to work with photographers from all walks of life, to come up with something that is a collaborative effort. They entrust him with their RAW files, and he massages them into what they envision.

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