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What’s new in Capture One Pro 9.1?

It’s not that long ago Capture One Pro 9 was released, but that doesn’t mean we have been sitting on our hands. Last week we released Capture One Pro 9.1 with new features and improvements on existing features.

 What’s more, this is a completely FREE upgrade if you already have version 9, whether that be a subscription or a license.

 Download free 30-day trial of Capture One Pro 9.1

New Uniformity Controls

Capture One Pro 9.1’s Color Editor is an incredible tool and really worth getting to know inside out.  The Skin Tone tab has additional controls for correcting uneven skin tones.  Previously there was a single Uniformity slider that could be used to even out the color of skin tones.

Now that has been split into three sliders for individual connection of Hue, Saturation and Lightness.

Try it out!

New Uniformity Controls in Capture One Pro 9.1


New Features for Tethered Capture in Capture One Pro 9.1

If you regularly shoot tethered to Capture One Pro 9, we have made a couple of changes to improve stability and workflow. If you use a Canon camera, we have changed the tethering engine to a Phase One developed system that is not reliant on the SDK provided by Canon.

On the surface it doesn’t look like much has changed, but you will find increased performance and stability. For some cameras, 30% faster.

For any of you capturing tethered, the Next Capture Adjustments tool has been split into five different categories.

This means the ICC profile, Orientation, Metadata, Styles and all other settings can be individually set.  Live View is also rotatable now and follows the Orientation setting in this tool. Particularly handy if you are capturing in Portrait orientation.

New Features for Tethered Capture in Capture One Pro 9.1

Library Refactor

Again, it won’t look like much has changed on the surface but the Library (the database that takes care of Catalogs and Sessions) has been completely refactored for higher performance and reliability.

Improved TIFF File Handling

 If you are managing your TIFF assets in Capture One Pro 9.1, if any of those have alpha channels or layers, they can be properly displayed in the viewer.

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Lots of new Shortcuts and Workflow improvements

Simple commands that have not previously been available as a shortcut have now been added to the improved Keyboard shortcuts editor. These include actions such as Inverting a Local Adjustment Mask or Resetting the Capture Counter.

Inverting a Local Adjustment Mask or Resetting the Capture Counter in Capture One Pro 9.1

A useful new workflow addition has been added too.  Select By in the Edit menu means that selecting certain images in a collection is simply achieved from this menu or by enabling any of those commands with shortcuts.

"Select By" in Capture One Pro 9.1

This gives an impressively quick way of selecting all Five Star rated image in a collection.

 You will also find by right-clicking on any image in the browser that it is possible to create albums automatically based on a Rating, Color Tag or Sequence ID from a Phase One XF camera.

Therefore, selecting a whole collection of images with different ratings and color tags, and choosing one of those options, will automatically create the right albums. A huge time saver at the end of a shoot.

Create albums automatically based on a Rating, Color Tag or Sequence ID in Capture One Pro 9.1

Keyword Export Restrictions

If you manage your keywords within multiple lists, on export you can now restrict which keywords from which lists will be applied to the exported images.

This is very useful if you need to Keyword images for different uses, especially within stock agencies.

Keyword restrictions in Capture One Pro 9.1

More Integration with the Phase One XF camera

The latest feature update for the Phase One XF camera added a number of Sequence tools for Capture. For example, for Focus Stacking and HDR capture.  These can be easily filtered in Capture One Pro 9.1 and tools mentioned such as album creation above make them easier to manage. See video about the latest feature update:



For a summary of all the new features, watch the What’s new in Capture One Pro 9.1 video on our Youtube channel

You can also join me and Drew Altdoerffer for a webinar on Capture One Pro 9.1 so we can give you a run down of the new features and how it interacts with the XF camera. Sign up.

 Sign up for our webinars here

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Best regards,


David Grover
David Grover

David Grover is part of the Capture One team, bringing you help, advice and education on a variety of subjects and platforms. David can be found on most weeks delivering live Capture One Webinars or anytime on our YouTube Channel.

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Comments (52)

I everyone at phase one’s !!

I’m a french photographer, growing up, and working with phase one for the last year and a half !!
Originally, very unhappy with raw developpers, I use to work using Dan margulis’s worflow. But since C1 version 7 I was tweaking around with C1 because I felt at that time, it will be very promosing soon !! version 8 was great, then I bought it, version 9 excellent… 9.1 the dream !!! So this message just to tell you keep going like this !!! I’ll do tonight an article on my blog for it !! (french and english)
Thanks to the phase one’s team !!!

David Grover

Thanks David!

Tony Bramley

Looks like this update does not include an update for the Fuji X Pro 2!!! Is this correct? When is the update coming?????

David Grover

Hi Tony,

Correct, this update does not include support for the X Pro 2.

But, happy to say a forthcoming release will.


Katie Dickson

Is there any hope of tethered support for Fuji in the future?

David Grover

Hi Katie,

See above reply. Its not really a simple task. The manufacturers need to supply some documentation to aid this.

So please lobby fuji as well as us.

Make a support case at to get ti officially recorded.


Will the X-Pro2 RAW file update also include an update for the new X-E2s RAW files?

David Grover

Adding the X-Pro2 will not automatically add the X-E2 as we always treat cameras individually.


So, when will the X-E2S raw files be added to Capture One? I’ve moved all my editing from Adobe to Capture One, and now you’re leaving me (and every other X-E2S user) out in the cold. Not a very nice way to treat your customers.

Eric Wojtkun

Count me in for tethered Fujifilm as well please!

Me too.

David Grover

Hey Eric,

Please lobby Fuji. We can’t do anything without Fuji supplying the necessary information to enable it.


scott kirkpatrick

In adding Fujifilm X Pro2 support, will you handle the compressed .RAF file format or only uncompressed? If some of us write to FUJI asking them to share information, must we add that point as well?

Lyle Morton

Does Version 9.1 require Mac OS X version 10.10.5. Do I need to upgrade my OS from 10.10.3?

Marco Cosatto

There is a pretty weird bug related to the Italian translation in this release.
It is impossible to browse home directories on OSX from the side panel because the software looks for them with their translated name, not with the real name on the filesystem (/Utenti is /Users on the FS, not /Utenti). Switching OSX and CaptureOne to English language fixes the problem.

Otherwise it works great! Thank you for this great software!

Alexander Sulke

Same problem in the German Version……

Zeiss 21mm loxia in next release PLEASE!


+1 for this lens profile, please prioritize the Loxia lenses, which are increasingly popular with Sony shooters!

Duncan Andison

Yes. Loxia 21mm profile would be much appreciated. The ones for the Batis lenses work great but we are missing Loxia profiles.

David Grover

Supported in Capture One Pro 9.1.2

THANK YOU! for the added support for tiff files! This comes from someone who has a few thousand 35mm films of all sorts to scan in the coming months. It is only 2 weeks ago I finally jumped ship and ported my Lr catalog (~30.000 pics) to C1P9. I had (with regret) decided to leave my present and future scans organized in Lr, but now find myself saved from this kludge.

Grant Adam Kernan

Hey if you need to scan that many pieces of film then I recommend using your camera and Capture One to speed up the job. I think you will be pleased with the results and the control…

David Grover

Definitely Grant! With a good setup it can be very fast.

Thanx to both of you for the suggestion. First, let me correct my previous mail a bit: I meant a few thousand filmstrips (6 exposures each), not films. These are the result of a bit over 40 years of work with 35mm film, I changed to digital only 6 years ago. I do have a really good Nikon film scanner and in my analogue days I only scanned my very best pics (a few percent), and processed them in Photoshop.
I have tried a D810+macro lens as alternative to the film scanner, As you mention, the overall speed is undoubtedly better, but the overall quality was not quite as good (probably because I do not have a bellows-slide duplicator setup).
Time is no real problem to me, only doing this for personal satisfaction 🙂

Hello Morten,
Do you scan your tiff files directly into C1P9.1 or to a folder on the Desktop? I am about to begin scanning 10,000 slides using Nikon Coolscan.

I have upgraded and have found that the catalog/session pull down menu at the top of the Library tab is no longer working — it only shows the current catalog/session and the clear menu choice. The weird thing is that I went back to 9.0.3 to check and now it also seems to be broken. I could swear that it worked probably before. Also, (maybe related?) my Open Recent menu also does not keep any history of previously opened items. Is anyone else having this problem?

I started up Capture One today and the menu problem somehow resolved itself, although I have no idea why. Please disregard. Although I am a little concerned by the inconsistent behavior…

David Grover

Hi Ray,

That menu was only showing you the last few opened Catalog or Sessions. Navigate to them with File>Open.. nothing is lost.


I am having the same problem. Tech support so far, has not been able to help. Since upgrading to 9.1 all my albums and projects are missing. I was told to make a new library and import the old one. The menu indicated 40+ hours but after about 2, CO9.1 crashed and only imported about 20 pictures. Please help if you can.
Thank you.

Matthew Saville

Thank you for resetting the trials of those of us who are taking a while to learn C1P9. I wish an update would offer more variety in camera profiles for common cameras, such as “Vivid” for Nikon / Sony etc. That would be amazing!

David Grover

Hey Matthew,

You’re welcome!

I would say its probably very unlikely that would be an added feature. The power in Capture One comes from the flexibility in RAW conversion.

But check out the included Styles, there may be something in there that you like to work with!


Giovanni Gori

Hi, can we expect another one of your great webinars about the new skin tone tool? I’m not sure to fully understand it!
Thank you in advance

David Grover
Edwin Genaux

I Thank CP1 9 for the Sony Lens updates. Would like to see them for Rokinon/Samyang 14mm f/2.8 and 12mm f/2.8 full frame fisheye, on the lens web sites they have them for full frame Canon and Nikon but should be the same for Sony Full Frame A7 series cameras. Lr has them. People use the lenses for Milky Way and other night Astro captures.

Erling Moe

Happy for the support of Leica SL, still very unhappy for the lack of support for Leica S. I know that Leica S is MF and in some form of competition with the XF series, but I do not think you win any new friends by not supporting Leica S, rather the opposite.

Anyone help with upgrade to 9.1? All my albums and projects are missing. Went back to 9.0 but no help. Numerous crashes, library upgrade attempts, back to 9.1 and one library opened but was missing dozens of albums and projects. One nightmare I wish I could take a pill for and be sane again. I think this is a major problem that will soon find it’s way around the world. Thanks for any help.

David Grover

Hi Randy,

Make sure you are using Capture One Pro 9.1.2, not 9.1.

You should be fine then. If not, please contact support.


David Grandy

Can you tell me when the webinar “What’s new in Capture One Pro 9.1 and the XF Feature Update #2” will be posted on YouTube?

David Grover

Hi David,

Much of this webinar was shown on Web Cam and currently (sadly) GoToWebinar does not record web cam footage in the recording.

For that reason, it probably won’t be placed up on Youtube.

If you want to see a general overview of what’s available in 9.1, then sign up this week!


Dear P1 team,

I bought C1 Version 9.1 over the weekend and have trouble to import pictures from my Canon 6D. The import dialog does not show up neither the pictures are shown in a manually open dialog. Tethering with the Camera works, but I expected that I can import already exisiting pictures from the camera directly. am I wrong? Does wthis work with Apple Fotos only, besides the drawn Aperture tool?

Please help, I cant find anything which helps inside your tutorials. Maybe there is a bug inside 9.1?

Best regards,


David Grover

Hi Oliver,

You cannot use your camera as a card reader in Capture One. Use a card reader instead.


Thanks David,

that explains a lot, I thought I could use it like the Apple tools do. Maybe room for improvement?

Best regards,

OK, maybe I missed it but I’m a registered use of version 9 and want to upgrade to 9.1 but do not see any place to do it. All I see are links to download the trial version. Don’t want the trial, want the full version. Can you point me in the right direction.

David Grover

Hi Bob,

The trial is the same as the full version.


Thanks Dave. When you open the trial, does it over write the old version (9) and add in the license info, or do I need to do this manually?

David Grover

If you overwrite the old app, you don’t need to do anything regarding your licence.

Please, please, please give us the ability to move forward to the next image when start rating. I know you can create a preset to hide 2 (or other ratings) but when am kulling thru images I often go back in fort between two images and if I rate a image it is hidden. So please add this feature like ‘LR’ caps on moves forward caps off you move the image forward.

Oh almost forgot. The capture counter export, can you add a default option that the counter resets every time? I export high-res and low-res images to clients and sometimes forget to reset the counter. I would like to just leave it on ‘reset counter’ always.


George Vivanco

Hello David!
Any news about the releasing of the Fuji X-E2s raw files for C1?
Getting mad I could not shot in raw with my fuji.
Thanks a lot!

David Grover

Hi Andrea,

All being well, in the next release of Capture One due soon.


Yessss!!! That’s like a xmas present!!
Grazie David!!

Scott Kirkpatrick

I guess it is time to ask again about handling the lossless compressed Fujifilm RAF files that the XPro2 and now the XT-2 generate? LR does it. Several small software programs, such as AccuRaw figured it out without help from Fuji. Can we get this into an upcoming release as well?

Scott Cannon

I have to use Lightroom to edit shots where the Rokinon 14mm lens was used. Everything else, I am able to use C1. Thanks!