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New features in Capture One Pro 9.2

Hot of the heels of Capture One 9.1 comes Capture One (you guessed it) 9.2. The main theme of this release is to offer more ways to view and select, increase flexibility, with shortcuts and add a couple of other new features too. There are lots of features to really help you work smarter and not harder in 9.2.

Let’s take a look at the feature list, one by one.

Select and Deselect Primary Variant

Select and Deselect Primary Variant is a new menu item, useful for returning to a single selected image in the Viewer or removing the Primary from a selection. For example, if I have a few images selected, like so…


… and I want to select the Primary only, simply choose the new command.


This returns the selection to the Primary only…


For a shortcut, you can also Shift-Click the Primary Variant to deselect the others.  I like this as if you view a Set of images (more on those below!), it’s so quick to return to the ‘hero’ of that set with this new feature.

Selecting and Moving through ‘Sets’

‘Sets’ is a new feature that provides a unique and powerful way to move through sets of images for comparison and rating purposes.
Selecting two or more images then classes them as a ‘Set’. So by using the new Select Next or Previous Set command, the following or preceding images are then selected.


Note that we have already predefined a Short cut key, Option/Alt + Arrow, so you can move through sets quickly. Once in a set, you can use CMD/CTRL+ Arrow to change the Primary Variant.
Therefore, think of this workflow…

1. Define a set (This should be two or more images, depending on how many you want to review at a time)
2. Move through the set adding ratings or color tags with shortcuts. (NOTE – turn off Edit all selected Variants so that images in the set can be rated individually)


3. Move to the next set!

For collaborative work, this saves a huge amount of time, as the next Set is automatically selected.  There was really no shortcut way of doing this before the 9.2 upgrade.  You would manually have to select the next group of images.  In a large collection, this will be a massive time saver and make the selection process easier for you and your clients on set.

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Selecting Collections

Simple but useful!  If you are working in a Catalog or Session with multiple collections, a new menu item means you can move through them, even without the Library tool open.  A default shortcut exists too.


This will surely save time when moving through albums or favorites, as you won’t have to return to the Library tool to start working on the next Collection.  A whole culling process could be done without taking your hands off the keyboard!

Select by Same Variant Position

If you have a collection with a number of image clones, you can now choose to select by that same Variant position.  It’s also been added to the Select By Same… dialog which was added in Capture One 9.1.


If you hadn’t spotted the Select By Same feature in version 9.1, it’s a fantastic menu for quickly making group selections based on Rating, Color Tags, Sequence ID’s and now Variant Position.

Select from Filename List

One of the most useful new features in Capture One 9.2 is the ability to select images based on a simple list. This will help enormously when receiving select lists from clients and no longer having to pick your way through large collections.

You will find it in a new Menu item that was added in Capture One 9.1  – Select By.


The Filename List… dialog gives you a few options on adding the list…


The simplest way is to copy / paste the list from your client in the window and choose how the filenames are separated from the Delimiter drop down menu.

In this case, each file name starts on a New line.

In case you have sent JPEGs to the client and you are browsing RAW files, a handy tip is to check the Ignore File Extension box, then only the filename is taken into account.


This feature is probably the biggest time saver in Capture One 9.2. Yes, there were a few work-arounds before, but nothing as simple and fluid as a copy/paste procedure to instantly pick out those selects and start processing out! This ties in very nicely with the next feature Create Album from Selection.

 Any selection can be instantly turned into an Album. Simply select any images, or of course those generated from the Filename list, and choose Create Albums From, by right-clicking on any image.

A new album with all your selects is instantly created. Easy!


More Shortcuts

Everything we have seen so far is also available in the Keyboard Shortcuts editor and it’s worth spending some time to really optimize this.  So if you feel, like me, that the new features in version 9.2 are going to save you a bunch of time, be sure to add them as a shortcut.
Additionally, the cursor shortcuts (e.g. c to enter the crop tool, are also now editable). Previously, they were locked to a factory default and if you were used to something else, it was frustrating to learn a new shortcut.  Now you don’t have to, simply change it to your preferred.


Other Features

Aside from new shortcuts and easier workflows, we have also added a couple of other things.
The popular new feature Create Masked Layer from Color Selection can now be done on a batch of images.

Create color selections on a group of images, then choose Create Masked Layer from Selection on one of those images. The mask creation will then be done as a batch


I find this incredibly useful for a shoot (such as a still life) where the product is shot over a number of different angles but needs the same corrections.  If those corrections involve a mask by color selection, preparing them as a batch saves that valuable production time.

Better TIF File Color Consistency

TIF file handling has been steadily improving in Capture One and now in Capture One 9.2 the colour handling has been improved so that the TIF file matches the RAW file if both are displayed in Capture One.

Round Trip to Helicon Focus

And finally, our customers focus stacking with the Phase One XF camera will be able to round trip to Helicon Focus, seeing the result returned to Capture One automatically.

So there we have it!  A host of new features in Capture One 9.2 that are going to accelerate your workflow once again. If you want a quick visual run down of the features and where to find them, watch our “What’s new in Capture One Pro 9.2 video”:

Don’t forget, if you have Capture One 9.x, this is a free upgrade. If you are on version 7 or 8, it’s available at a special discount. Get your upgrade here: Download free 30-day trial

Enjoy your new features!

David Grover
David Grover

David Grover is part of the Capture One team, bringing you help, advice and education on a variety of subjects and platforms. David can be found on most weeks delivering live Capture One Webinars or anytime on our YouTube Channel.

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Comments (18)

any improvement on speed on a 5K retina iMac in this upgrade?

David Grover

Hi Stephen,

Yes, we have made some changes to compensate for the hardware.


David H Dennis

When I am in the crop mode, sometimes the cursor is a large cross and other times it is a small cross. The small cross makes it easy for me to crop an image by letting me pick a start point, hold the mouse button down and then pick the end point. The large cross … well, I’m not sure what it does but it presents a pre-selected crop window and lets you adjust it, without letting you re-select a start point. How do I toggle between those two modes? I seem to do it by accident, but I don’t know how to do it on purpose … ideally I’d like to simply eliminate the large cross mode since it doesn’t really work for me.

Thanks for any thoughts :). I otherwise am really enjoying Capture One :).

David Grover

Hi David,

Try holding down shift when you crop. That will disregard and existing crop and let you draw a new one.


Hi, everyone!
All that is wonderful, amazing and so on…
But where long time ago promised ICC-profile improvments and
user-frendly variability of them?
Let’s be honest: colors of outputs from RAWs from DB (especially Phase One made) are outstanding, but the quite different things are outputs f. ex., from Nikon’s NEFs.
So many words during so many years (as of me – since v7)
were said of it and very little improvments of color renderig,

But The Color Rendering should be The Main Value and The Goal
of your really great program.
Do excuse for annoying question:


And, sure, thanks for all the rest new features of CO9.2

Best regards,

David Gottlieb

Love Capture One 9 – My wish list:. Lens profiles on Nikons super teles – Current Fluoride / Fluorite models and the previous generation which I own. They aren’t that expensive to rent. Thanks.

Peng-Wai Wong

Just upgraded to latest version 9.2.1. The crop tool does not work and the guides cannot be moved. So far other tools work well. Any suggestions?

Hello, past few weeks I am evaluating Capture One 9.2. So far, I am very happy with it. However, as product photographer with EOS 5DS R I use tethering and Live View a lot, so I realized that Live View focus control/meter is not supported for 5DS R.

It is very popular camera for studio shooters / product and food photographers, do you plan to support Live View focusing in some close future?

Lack of that feature is only thing that discourages me from purchase and migration to Capture One.

David Grover

Hey D,

You can still zoom to 100% in Live View for accurate focussing on an supported tethered camera. The Live View focus meter is only compatible with Phase One or Leaf cameras. Purely because we need some additional data from the sensors that we cannot get with other brands.


I was hoping for improvements to Heal and Clone. Like making the selected point visible and adjustable. Also, is there or will there ever be a “Blur” tool. I would love to able to paint a controllable blur to my backgrounds and or heal clone areas.

David Grover

Hi Randy,

You can see the selected source and destination points, so not sure what you mean?

As for blur, you could try negative Clarity and Structure.


Joost Verplancke

If I understand it correctly, I can only do focus stacking with Capture One if I have a Phase One camera?

Thanks you in advance,


David Grover

Hi joost,

Focus stacking control comes from the XF camera. But with any other camera there is nothing to stop you manually adjusting the focus between each shot and then round tripping with Helicon Focus.


Is there a manual on how to do the helicon round-trip? I can do the open with or edit with and the files open in helicon, but I could not manage to bring the rendered image back to phase one.

Do I have to save it and import it somehow, or copy to clipboard and paste to capture one?

(I selected some images from recent imports)

Best Flavio

David Grover

Hey Flavio,

If you right click on the images and choose “Edit With” and then Helicon focus, everything is automated from there. When you hit save in Helicon, it will automatically pick the originating destination for you.

Make sure you have the latest version of Helicon too.


Ok, now I got it. Just save it where it suggests to and then close Helicon Focus. Thats what I missed. I did not close Helicon.

Maybe it helps someone else.


David Grover

Great! Glad you figured it out.

Yes, you do have to manually hit Save.

Santiago Vanegas

Does the finished stacked file in Helicon get exported as a new RAW file?